Wakikuyu hebu Vuruta Stool and come

Jameni, you guys are funny lot including my wife. Yaani;

  1. You are a billionaire, yet your mum lives like shit. Hata panya huishi poa.
  2. You spend 6 years away from your village and during that time, you have never seen your mother!

I know the only people who have such habits are white people who mtoto akigonga 18 years the parents kick them out legally. Then the kids cut off the ties with the parents.

Why are you guys acting like them whites?


It’s that culture which makes kikuyus successful and cut throat . Mkamba let alone even your parents the whole society looks upon you


People are different…watu wa kulelewa na mashida shida huwa na kiburi mpaka kwa wazazi waki make it…how could i cut off my parents when i know they can loan me more money than a bank


Parents should be ashamed of themselves for borrowing money from their children.


ati why are they acting as whites? They are the Kenyan Jews!


In Kikuyu community, it’s everyone for himself and God for us all. But most people do take good care of their elderly folks unless there are irreconcilable differences between the folks and kids

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Some of these parents never had a good relationship with their kids, Kikuyu or not. This is a case of parents wanting to reap where they did not sow.


Somebody said this Anne Njeri is a saloonist at Kenyatta Market stall # 918


:grinning: reminds me that NYS lady… I forgot her name. The one who alibeba pesa na wheelbarrow.

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Kabura, same Whatsapp group


This is it. Most parents, especially mums, raise their children with a lot of toxicity mpaka the kids literally have no relationship with them.


In other words hii mama … Anne ni front ya watu fulani.


Like kafura if what was that NYS saga lady called? Ako wapi btw

Halafu wanaanza kulia when the same kids they treated like shit become successful and cut them off. These parents think they’re Gods. Wazazi bure kabisa.


Ni makosa

Boomers wakuzima nyota ya mtoto toxic to the very end.

Yani elders mume amini huyu mama ndio billionnaire. Huyu ako kazi tu atapewa zake za macho


A Pickle for the knowing

Some 17b worth of inappropriately acquired money is wired into your bank account by your business associate. Let’s call him Mr. Shadow.

He instructs you to use the money to pay for diesel to be imported into the country and give him copies of the payment details.
The company through which you are importing is a briefcase one so you have no idea that you are supposed to have an import license. But Mr. Shadow assures you that he will help get import clearance.

You see,Mr. Shadow is a gava operative who does not want the money for that purchase traced to him. But unknown to you,he’s also investigating linkages to clear the diesel without trace to him.

You ask what is in it for you. He assures you that as soon as the diesel gets into the country,you will get paid handsomely. Besides,he’s your business partner anyway…

Twende kazi!

The captain of the sea Matatu carrying your diesel informs you it has arrived in the County’s territorial waters.
You call Mr. Shadow to give you directions on way forward. He advises you to try and negotiate with port authorities to get the fuel home.
What you don’t know is that yours is supposed to be plan B.

Because Mr shadow has a plan A. To use gava authority to bring the cargo in. It works.
Sea Matatu is cleared to dock and offload cargo.

Your attempts to use plan B fail. Meanwhile ,Mr. Shadow does not want to inform you of his success because he does not want the money that bought the diesel to be traced to him. No connection between you and him in the records.

When you call Shadows to inform him that your efforts to get the cargo in have failed,he encourages you look for alternative markets for the diesel. Talk of a wild goose chase!!!

But as you scramble to salvage the situation, Mr. Shadow uses the copies of the documents you gave him plus gava machinery to clear the diesel for offloading.

By the time you realise what’s happening,you actually believe someone is attempting to steal your cargo.
Fully away that if you loose it you won’t get paid, you hire topnotch Lawyers to protect it and they get an injunction against offloading of the cargo.
This alarms and upsets Mr. Shadow because he didn’t expect you to fight that fiercely for something that’s not yours. He also panics that if the case goes to full hearing,your evidence may be connected to his documents that cleared the cargo.
So he sets the boys from Marurui on you. I am sure those boys did a good job and top notch Lawyers will be paid handsomely to slinker away…

You have just been inducted into a high end 254 Supplies and Procurement hall of fame. Whether you survive there or not will depend on your ability to shuddup about the diesel upset. But next time you are singled out for a lucrative business deal, don’t think it’s because you are special. It’s because you are gullible,and disposable…

Meanwhile, your own mother doesn’t know you are a billionaire…:thinking:
Stop inviting us to your Victims Pity Party. (VPP) You are not a victim. You are an opportunist!


Traditional families are disappearing. Sasa single mathas are raising hard core ninjas.
They grow up bila feelings.

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Leta hekaya bro…hii yako inasound personal sana