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Prof Gutto, a top Kenyan export to mzansi is in trouble. To villagers planning to wantonly throw around your seed, never ever plant it in Southern Africa, damages are usually hefty and supported/enforced by law.

[SIZE=6]Prof Shadrack Gutto pleads poverty in case, asks bae’s dad to pay for his child[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]Constitutional law expert and political analyst Prof Shadrack Gutto shocked court officials when he asked his baby mama’s stepfather to support his child.[/SIZE]
The respected Gutto allegedly pleaded poverty to the court in his child maintenance case two weeks ago, before coming up with the suggested “solution”.

Gutto told the court that he could not afford to pay R4500 a month, as demanded by a Pretoria woman, citing that he was a pensioner who had other responsibilities.

Then he dropped the bombshell when he asked his baby mama’s stepfather to assist to support his child because he could only afford to pay R3 500.

Gutto told Sunday World this week that he asked the court to get the stepfather, who is a businessman, to be involved financially in his child’s life.

"You should understand that I have already given the lady’s mother damages worth R20000 and a vehicle which she gave to her partner, who is a businessman.

“The family can afford to meet me halfway because the man is running his business using a vehicle I gave to them.”

Gutto said the woman’s family, especially her mother, owned a number of properties.

“I told them I’m not going to pay more because I’m on pension and there’s nothing like a salary that I’m receiving,” he said.

The woman also confirmed the details of the case, but claimed that though she welcomed the amount determined by the court, she believed it was too little coming from someone like Gutto.

“He arrived at court with two lawyers and therefore R3 500 is nothing for him. R4 500 was going to be enough to cover the needs of our child,” she said.

“Yes I did arrive with two lawyers, but that’s not relevant to the matter,” Gutto said, confirming the woman’s claim.

He added that the court had also ordered an investigation to be carried out on the baby mama after he complained that she was not honest in court about her income.

He said he was surprised when he heard that she had no income. He said he knew that she had been working at a place next to their child’s school in Pretoria.

“She is devious in that regard. I mean who hides to the court that they have an income? Before that she had a company which she used to train people,” he said.

The retired Unisa academic said one of the reasons why his younger ex-lover took him to court was because she wanted to lay her hands on his pension funds.

“She was very bitter because I dumped her. She was not happy with me ending our relationship… she thought I might be going back to my home country, Kenya.”

hii Jaruo irudi huku kogelo iache aibu ndogo ndogo , shida ni bill itapitishwa karibuni ya ku deal na yeye

But I have to admit hes a top scholar and great analyst matters South African politics. Kenya would greatly benefit from his expertise

I would do the same. Hakuna kupeana pesa ovyo ovyo as long as I satisfy the kid’s needs.

Hapa Kenya kuna judge tulipea sifa saana hapa ktalk village kwa maamuzi kama haya

Mavi ya kuku yeye! Ameshikwa ballz!

Wacha tuite wale wako na baby mommas huko ~~ @Ka-Buda toka hanini

Wacha zako.

Huyu mtu ni kabila gani?

[SIZE=2](Running for the heels (sic!))[/SIZE]

Hiyo ni approximately 40k wanataka. Na huku vile huwa watu wanaambiwa walipe 300k!

Omogusi I think. One of the unsung heroes of the 2nd revolution.