Wakenya Tukuwe Serious

Nimeona investors pale Banda homes walikuwa wanalipa 3.9 million for some bungalow. So nikaangalia hizo bungalows. I am one of the laziest people on earth and I am still wondering who on earth would need Banda to build such a simple 3-bedroom house?? You’d have to be extremely lazy kutojijengea such a simple structure unalipa offplan. If you are lazy like me just buy a finished product with a ready title deed from the first owner (not the developer) to get a steep discount. Hii dunia ni tricky sana if you are both lazy and dumb…you can’t be both. If you are hardworking you will buy the land and build. If you are lazy like me you will find a seller in one of their already completed and sold projects and buy from a broke seller i.e the guy who took all the risk investing with Banda. Offplan is a scam.


Mimi siwezi nunua kitu sioni. I understand them though, they wanted to live in a place that is near both the city and main road. It would be hard to get such a place individually.

What surprises me however is why they paid more that 50% of the price before commencement of construction.

We have another thread. Sii ungepost tuu huko. Hakuna kitu tofauti umesema yenye hukusema jana mkipelekana na Randy.

I see that you have stepped up as the village a-hole. Ungereply kwa hiyo thread pia.



Mbona uko na avatar ya upuzi.You think you are the only one.