wakenya ni kukimbia kama punda tu- hawana akili ya kusaka pesa


Highest earning talker:D:D:D
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Good to see the beta golf boy is back on his feet

Yea the fact that this year he won the all important Masters and Nike never abandoned him even after he imploded helped his pay check

You will never achieve what Tiger Woods has ever achieved! Stop hating.

Humble messi.

From private gambling chats, Floyd May-Weather made over 3 billion in gambling stakes during his fight with the Irish Man, in San Francisco alone, he had gamblers holding his beer in Los Angeles(Amounts not reported) but from estimations he made over 10 billion in gambling stakes that night, added to 275 million in earnings, and over 10million in promotions, appearances, in only one of his fights during the entire 2 decade career, nigga is probably the richest athlete,

Research what the word hating means.I referred to his marital issues which had affected his golfing,I am happy he is back,where is the hate in that