Wakenya na Wivu

These two guys were giving useful life advice, outside of the normal twerking and buttocks videos and gay content from the chiras of tiktok.

When word started spreading that this two were reaching hundreds of thousands and transforming the lives of thousands of youth, someone got jealous. They set up a mass reporting campaign and got their channels cancelled. On their part, these two also failed to think critically.

They should have by now set up a whole platform on various social media sites and been offering curated content for sales. Walifanya mzaha kulalia maskio.


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Had good high IQ content

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Hii Kenya huwezi toboa na high IQ, you developed enemies with low IQ whose entire game is robbing idiots. For example, huku yues is getting shit from haters becuase he’s explaining that surviving in amerika is easier than most people imagined if you know where to go. There are kenyans in maerica whose entire shtick is “helping” people get to america by paying them to basically do nothing.


Nilipe 3k ndio hawa omwami wanishow how to be a birrionaire na wanaishi Kwa bedsitter. Meffi hao

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Just quite whores for one week, plus fare, you will have enough for the course

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What did you expect in an Idiocratic Society…