Wakenya Na Mashamba

FINAL REST: Man who died at 90 in 2006 was buried yesterday at Kiaritha in Kirinyaga after 10 year family court tussle over land.
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ponda mali yako sasawa ukiwa uhai and write your will na mapema ili kusiwe na ndrama kaa hii

Shieet… I am sure that the bill of preserving a body for 10 years is more than sufficient to buy another plot of land but then again there must be more underlying issues to this saga.


My wild guess: Dicking around!

:D:D:D:D at “sunrice”


True. Kula pesa yako proper ukiwa hai. Kuna nyangarika zinangoja kungangania ile hawakufanyia kazi hata kama ni uridhi.

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Didn’t notice dat:D:D

Swali:hiyo shamba inapiganiwo ni size gani?


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you steal my thoughts…

you have to give it to them…kirinyaga is mchele country…


At the back ground that house looks decent, looks like it is all about money.

stole…leo umeamka na mguu ya left:D:D

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thank you, Sir, my accusation however refers to a continuing action…



it is never about anything else…the person with the death cert and burial permit has a headstart in the battle for the estate…

ungesema wakikuyu,wakenya na mashamba

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angesema “wakenya wakikuyu na mashamba!”…:smiley:

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A while ago an elderly couple who happened to be our clients, asked their daughter what she would do with her inheritance, once the parents departed.
The daughter was straight forward, and told them she will go see the world.
After hearing that, the parents decided to go see the world themselves


hii kweli ni curse

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umeskia za wakisii,??

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nini yao?