WaKenya huko kwenu huwa mnakimbishwa hivi?

NFS hot pursuit. Happened a week ago. Hii sasa ndio inaitwa live news. If you live in an apartment near there you just look out the window and back to the TV. Real time news.

The sadness is that the liberals in California will probably throw this bonobo into the gas chamber or if he is lucky he will get 150 years in jail. And he knows what’s coming, that’s why he is causing a 1 hour traffic jam.


Full story :


Kenya ni rithee, na story inaisha.

There was a chap who stole a Dodge Challenger hellcat and left the news copter in the dust. The nearest cop car chasing him was left a whole city back.


Weka pia hiyo video ulisema dogi ilikula mak*nde ya Mexican.


@digi ile thread ilikuwa na pitbull ni gani?