Wake me up when you're done with fighting corruption



sioni shida kubwa hapo. so long as evidence iko watertight , that what matters and thats what the ODPP should ensure.

There are reasons why executioners do not sit on the jury benches. Hell, they are never in courtrooms during death row trials!

Wacha majamaa wanukishe kitunguu. There is nothing wrong with Senators being the lawyers of Governors in Court.

Furthermore, its readily apparent that a lot of the complainers have never read the Constitution. If they did read it, they would automatically know that THE SENATE DOES NOT OVERSIGHT THE COUNTY EXECUTIVE. THAT IS THE FUNCTION OF THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY

[SIZE=7]96. Role of the Senate[/SIZE]
Chapter Eight - The Legislature Part 1. Establishment and role of Parliament
(1) The Senate represents the counties, and serves to protect the interests of the counties and their governments.
(2) The Senate participates in the law-making function of Parliament by considering, debating and approving Bills concerning counties, as provided in Articles 109 to 113.
(3) The Senate determines the allocation of national revenue among counties, as provided in Article 217, and exercises oversight over national revenue allocated to the county governments.
(4) The Senate participates in the oversight of State officers by considering and determining any resolution to remove the President or Deputy President from office in accordance with Article 145.

[SIZE=7]185. Legislative authority of county assemblies[/SIZE]
Chapter Eleven - Devolved Government Part 2. County governments
(1) The legislative authority of a county is vested in, and exercised by, its county assembly.
(2) A county assembly may make any laws that are necessary for, or incidental to, the effective performance of the functions and exercise of the powers of the county government under the Fourth Schedule.
I A county assembly, while respecting the principle of the separation of powers, may exercise oversight over the county executive committee and any other county executive organs.[/I]
(4) A county assembly may receive and approve plans and policies for–
(a) the management and exploitation of the county’s resources; and
(b) the development and management of its infrastructure and institutions.

They are there as lawyers, not as senators. Just like a stripper or a bar tender can be a stripper or a bartender in the club and a loyal wife, or a super mother when she gets home.

:DHii ni hujuma… lawyers are strippers while senators are super mothers?