Wakati wetu

These purple handles of these days dont know how romantic it was to draw maps on the ground with toe. Even real virgins started crying the moment you locked the door…But these Hiroshima and Nagasaki war veterans will just smile and hold it like a microphone.
Dunia inabadilika wadau


You need to not paint everyone from the era as promiscuous.

Personally I cannot relate

Be specific… say it applies to subsaharan africa


Kuna huto tutoi twa pangani fresh from highschool tunatoka interior ya Northern Frontier. Tulikua tunaniweka poa sana. Long live burka ghels!

Kumbe dogs and creatures from the disused pits of filth do dream

Its because you are way too young kijana

I am completing my last 40s

And how comes hukupitia apo?? Ama umekuwa homosexual kutoka ukiwa mdogo… Nilithani umeanza juzi

Negro, I ain’t gaay. However I can buy a lifetime of rights for uranus

Why then dint you eat innocent girls wa izo enzi zetu… Were you too shy??

How’s that related to uranus