Wakanyama ana maliswo banae.

Mungich @Motokubwa andika MTU ya mkono. Hii ungati yako itakufilisisha.[ATTACH]469650[/ATTACH]


That Ras is a Robberman.


@johntez addi gaza msafi kuwaga mpole saa zingine,kwani hauchomeki

Piga ua!

Wueh, ni kulunjiru

Impunity starts that way, having no decency and feeling no shame at all, while picking small things from people as though the people don’t exist. Shame on that man. Jinga sana.

Sir, if you expect the extremely low-IQ barely human primates that constitute our unwashed masses to see your point you need to think again.

That right there is a hustler who woke up at 4am to get offals from the local slaughterhouse, invested his meagre savings and is working hard to put some food on the table for his family. Then an idiot like that comes along and bonobozzz think it’s funny…

Which is why you never see me sympathizing with these poor nugus kikiumana. You think they are human, but when you are involved in a carcrash, for example, the first thing they do is loot from you…


this is staged comedy you old hag…

Ghasia usiletee heshima ndogo ndogo kwa thread yangu.

it is scripted you little twat:D
na hakuna kitu inaitwa thread ‘yangu’

Nitakumaliza kama khol khol.

Leta full hekaya guka. Bonobo zilikufanyia nini kwa scene of accident?.

Namundunga kisu

Maliza hiyo ghaseer iko dementia

say ‘iko demented’ you pig shit chokosh
the fool maybe learned you know

Wewe Mlevi msenge hujui kusoma.[ATTACH=full]469774[/ATTACH]

Wacha ujinga

nouns, verbs, hukusoma chokosh:D

mfano kwa sentesi:D:D
if you suffer from dementia like @FieldMarshal CouchP ama @gashwin
class we can say, they are demented fools

K talkers will never see heaven:D