Wajuaji, so can Adriana Wanjiku win the case if she sues whoever recorded her while heavily intoxicated for rape? Thread 'urinators' your opinions are welcomed

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Malaya sugu ulimrape

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sawa KIHII

Feminists never let a good ‘crisis’ go to waste.huyo alikuwa anauza,kile hatujui,ni kama, package ya customer ni ya shimo mbili au moja


:green_emoji: :green_emoji: he paid for 2 in 1. Ukiona mboo inaingia kwa senye without resistance na kuma iko dry as fuck ujue huyo amepanuliwa excess or you have a small dick. Na naona ni kama walikuwa wanadinyania river rd. You can hear horns and noise outside


Alikuwa ashalipia, sa ju dem alibleki mjamaa asipate haki yake?

Labda wampe misuse of a telecommunication device.






Nashuku ni sextape ya kutrend. Siwezimind kulipa 150

Wapi findeo?

Rape case is a criminal case, the accuser will be the DCI and she will be a witness. Is it gets to court, that jamaa has his place secured in Kamiti, effortlessly

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What is the difference between screwing a corpse and screwing mtu amebleki? Wanaume you have a demonic gene if you find this normal. Alafu after gang raping an intoxicated woman, you want to record and sambaza it. You are committing a crime which can get you up to 20 years ama ata uuliwe na mandugu za huyo Dae and you not only record evidence but sambaza it. Chimpanzees will never think first before acting and always think it’s macho to be stupid. No wonder I have zero respect kwa monkeys. Instead of kufanya vitu za maana you are bragging about raping an unconscious woman.

It is against the law to have carnal knoled of a corpse or an individual who has not given you express consent …

Even after that consent is given , it may still be withdrawn at any time thereafter …

A Lady can say “YES” but upon entering the bedroom change her mind and say “NO” … :joy: :laughing:

@Kahuni_Maisha you’re obsessed with the anal scene, pretending to be protesting the act. I’ve just seen more than 5 threads you’ve started or commented about the topic, you’re a wolf in sheep’s skin.

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:green_emoji: good question…that is a weak guy showing dominance over drugged woman. Mtu fakin

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What if both of u are drunk? Why is it automatically asumed the lady is the victim?

Logic …
The Guilty party is the one who “penetrates” …
And women have no means to “penetrate” men …!! :laughing: :joy:

I guess huyu mwanamke ni Truman Capote. A useless piece of human garbage

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Dominance gani with that small limpbiskit penis. Mtu huna penis alafu unajifanya porn star? Bcz nobody in their right mind would have sex after seeing that pimple. He had to drug a woman. This small deck men are very useless, ni kuji Dai no wonder he has to record coz nobody will believe him akisema alimkula. Useless.

This would be a criminal case. The charges would be rape and having carnal knowledge. Even if they fail to prove rape, the second charge should stand.