Wajuaji mlicheswa

Back in May, you all believed that Central Bank had caught nanii pants down because you all believed everything you were told he stole was stashed in some underground tunnel…

Now, we have done away with the Sh 1,000. We won nothing by change of currency. Kenyatta is still on the currency, mpende msipende.

The only winner is Burning Spear family and its foreign masters who won the 15 billion new currency tender

Something that amazed me was guys claimed ati he was caught off guard, yet he had all the info about the currency changing before it was in the public domain, kama nikuingiza hio pesa kwa system alishafanya kitambo.

Pesa gani? Does Ruto work at the treasury? U believed those lies? so you can fall for Cambridge Analytica propaganda? When things fall apart, and the handshake can nolonger hold, you will know the truth. The parasitic cartels are sweating at the imagination of H.E Ruto inside statehouse

Wen your money exists in form of gold bars in a swiss safe, they can even change the currency weekly. You won’t give a shait.

Leta yes rasta

We don’t have opposition in Kenya. Speculation in full gear !

There was a grace period during which all people with funds outside the country were allowed to return funds to the country - no questions asked.

This is the window of opportunity that the big shots used to get their affairs in order!?

From a worms eyeview you will only think this was about that guy. If 100B hasn’t yet been returned then I can conclude that demonitisation has successfully worked in curbing illicit activities such as money laundering and terrorism that are cash reliant. Those who managed to get their big money into the system the next step is KRA audit.

true there was that “amnesty” which was clearly a method of laundry. an amnesty requires that you confess and restore and you will be forgiven. in this one of ours we had non of that. it was secret.

Ukora tu!