Wajir County Governor impeached!

Senate comitee has recomended the impeachment of Wajir governor. Is he going home They are about to vote. Huyu gavana kwanza anakuaga pro or anti bbi? but sioni ka hio itakua a factor in this since bbi is already dead.

He is as corrupt as Hamas and PLO party members.

Kuna siku mkubwa wa Hamas alikuwa Al Jazeera waxing lyrical about how Palestinians are suffering from poverty kidogo camera ikamkaribia mkono na nugu ilikuwa na gold rolex na gold wrist chains.

Ni kama waititu. Eating with the whole family.


takataka punguza mdomo refu.

i have followed the committee proceedings since it started and i have concluded this is just malice by the MCAs. 99% of their accusations were found to be null and void by the committee only one accusation passed which is so trivial ati the gavana never repaired an ambulance.

the senate vote will keep the ODM gavana in office , infact Jubilee had told its MCAs to stop the impeachment wakakataa

let’s wait and see, acha kurukisha mdomo, he may go home

Ati his wife is the one who chairs county govt meetings?

He will survive

The impeachment has been upheld by The Senate. The gov ceases to hold office with immediate effect

Your political predictions are just as bad as football’s.

somebody pin this thread

Akauke… but he might appeal just like Wambora

Mwizi ni mwizi. It does not matter your religion. Huyu ni moslem he prays 5 times a day headbutting the floor while facing mecca. Anapora mali ya umma. @Bingwa Scrotum corruption ni harm ama you mtume aliruhusu.

mbona sonko na waititu hawaku appeal, it’s over for him.

Vile mod wetu wanapenda hizo usitake jua!..


He’s finished kabisa. Deputy governor to be sworn in tmr.

Doctors go without pay but pesa wakubwa wa Hamas kwenda Qatar hupatikana

Again ,Hamas leaders usually seek medical attention in Israel…


Niliwaambia, the deputy government has taken over