Msee hufanyia nini hizi Japanese radios zishike channels? Asking for a friend.

Umenunua gari gani ?

Weka fm expander itashika a few. Personally all the six cars i have owned changed the complete system

Sijanunua gari mimi. I’m asking for a friend.

Unaweza weka expander but quality of the music is low and it doesnt catch very well. Kama ni zile gari that the sterio can be easily removed basi better to change it with a local one

I thought uko na mark X but anyway expander will sort you out on the cheap.
Kama uko na pesa you can change to a double din stereo or single but on some vehicles you might need to change the stereo fascia .

Hiyo niling’oa yenye nilipata nikaweka ingine. Nauliza yenye hukuja na new cars, mwenyewe anataka kujua kama anaweza ifanya functional badala ya kureplace.

every station minus 20 on the frequency you want .kuja apa na results.

The biggest challenge ni frequency and the Japanese language ( assuming you are refering to ex Japan) .
Hizo headunits are meant for the Japanese market only and hence the firmware is limited .But you might be luck if you get a car that is official sold to the UK in that case they do come with the ‘‘right’’ frequency and english firmware e.g Mitsubishi Outlander .
Most of the vehicles we have locally are only meant for the Japanese customers.Ndio maana ata owners manual is in Japanese.

Nani anakumbuka fala ilikua inaitwa @Gio?

patirisha retio, mang’aa flani ziliiba ile ya rear cam wakaweka kijaps ngine sielewi, had to go in for another one…

This true, I listen to hot @76.0

ile ya kupia tortoise stew ?

about catching…it’s true haishiki poa lakini it’s better than limited channels. The better option is overhauling the system.

JUst buy a new system. Nunua pale electronic house luthuli avenue kwa wararos fulani 1st shop on you left ukiingia tu. They deal with originals only na bei yao iko chojo