As they say changing your mind is a sign of high IQ… It’s time I accepted the nigga was just a govt stooge sent to us to confuse us… definitely not an alternative…in my short life in the world and Kenya in particular I won’t be voting …assmio and kino Moja peeps all the best…may the best shallow corrupt thieving of the two coalition leaders win…manze we are fucked…

Wajackoya is one of Gideon Moi’s subordinates,

Ekuru Aukot was the third force. But anyway…,…

Hehe. No offense, but what exactly made you think that Wajakoya is worth your vote? Is it that easy to deceive a voter?

Is that your wife?

It’s not about deception coz now I won’t vote he was an alternative for me rather than voting for assmio or kino moja

Which one fala i?

Huwezi amua kati ya Raila na Ruto ni yupi anakufaa zaidi kuliko mwengine? Game huchezwa na teams mbili, hakuna choice ingine.

This time na ka nje Kwa bench na ma substitute wenye hawa chaguliwangwi Kwa game…I’m out this round… I’ve always voted but this time…nah

But he deceived you into thinking that he was a serious contender. I am not calling you a fala. I sincerly want to know. I met one boda guy who was enthusiastic about voting for Wajakoya. I Asked him: why?

He says, I will plant bang in my quarter acre in Mumias and sell it for 1 Million dollars per Gunia. He was serious. Very serious. I would like to know what YOUR reason for seeing him as an alternative is

By the way mpaka we clean up our act and get our shit together…nimetupia voting mkono.

Your avatar…boss heri ukubali nikuoe kama hizo ndio visokorinyo unakimbizana nazo huko nje.
You are much better with me


He seemed like fresh blood…until story ya ye kuwa Kwa story ya ouko…I voted for raila all the times he stood against my Kikuyu tribesmates and he ended up forming a govt with unye someone I opposed…ruto should be at the Hague…so he seemed like an alternative

:D:D:D nigga unafanyanga nicheke

You opposed Uhuru, just like Ruto, pigia yeye kura, amalize dynasties, so 2027 haitakuwa dynasties vs watu corrupt, itakuwa Ruto vs watu clean, io time mpigie yule mtu mnataka

I’m out…my high IQ can’t accept a raila or ruto government with me being an enabler…wenye mtawachangua all the best…nimekubali kutayarisha lube:cool:

Wacha upus na upigie Raila kura


Hata mimi sipigi kura juu if ASSmio na Kino Moja ndio choices we have we are fucked na bado after elections kuna watu watakuja kulia hapa ohh this mara that. The good thing is Babuon ama hio Meno pliers arap Kimwarer hakuna kitu watasema nifanye. I will be doing the opposite of what they say. Wote in my eyes ni bladfwackins.

How can it be worse. Mwanaume ni kutumia akili aone hapa ni kutombwa bila lube so I respect @Heke ako na msimamo nyinyi wengine hata na hizo high IQs mnaringa nazo hapa just accept mmerudi to your tribal cocoons for the elections.