Wajacoyo the ganja planter

If this is a law professor what should we expect from illiterate folk? Kenya is in more trouble than I thought. Can you imagine this guy being your thesis supervisor?


Roots Party presidential candidate Prof George Wajackoyah is advocating for the planting of marijuana in the Nairobi Expressway.

In an address to journalists, Wajackoyah said there are spaces in the country that have not been utilised well and can be better used to grow the plant which will be of more benefit than the flowers.
The law professor identified the newly-built Nairobi Expressway pillars among the grounds that can be used for bhang farming

:D:D:D@TrumanCapote …the fact that you support either assmio or kino moja…is a true reflection on your IQ…na venye unaandika ma paragraph za umama apa…hope you have a clean well shaven nyaus coz that would be your only saving grace…itina rere…nyee eno:cool:

Marijuana has medical benefits eg treatment for depression.

The people who use it for whatever end up losing their minds.

Are you sure it’s marijuana that does that? Anyway, excessive use of any drug is hazardous. I saw in Rwanda they are opening up a Marijuana plant. It will employ hundreds. Product made will be for medical use and for export. And people who use it say it’s not that addictive. With cigarettes, it’s difficult to kill it’s addiction. But with weed, one can just stop at will.

I don’t know about that but the people I heard use it are not doing well at all. Some went mad others even became stammerers.

You heard or seen for yourself?

I know a doctor’s son who used it in high school he walks naked and a guy I worked with who was perfectly fine b4 became a stammerer

We’re they partaking other drugs too?