Wajackoyah buys a Mercedes

Wajackoyah buys a Mercedes a few days after losing in the presidential race.

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Uchoraji wa hali ya juu

dt dobie ama mascardi wamefunga na karatasi ya greenhouse?

Contract fulfilled


Hio gari is just 2.5 million shillings zile zimeanikwa kama nyanya pale ngong road.

Who is the man with the pink shirt?

A 2nd generation heir, his younger brother is a dollar billionaire

Who’s the brother?

Gïdeon Moï the richest man in EA

On his social media pages was seen driving while showing off his new sleek brand new Mercedes Benz E Class AMG E63 S.
The German machine is said to be retailing at Sh12,423,600.

Mbona Moi alieachia Gideon to run the family businesses? Didn’t moi have older sons?

Walifuata mama ,gition diye alibaki na mzee