Wajackoya the man chronicles

Proffessor George Wajackoyah 62 years may not be a joker as many of you think he’s.Wajackoyah himself said that he has never smoked bhang in his entire lifetime.Most kenyans mistake him as a mad man.Even if education can make one lunatic Wajackoyah isn’t.Mtu wa Mabangi is a proffesional with more than 8 PhD having attained all these from different known world class versities. All that he is telling Kenyans is to creatively think outside the box when addressing their economic and social woes.In life we have such iconoclastic characters who detest normalcy and make us do things differently.Such kind of people are normally not very popular,they are despised by the majority but still they speak out their minds instead of following the crowd.I remember,the late Martin Shikuku son of Oyondi ,had the courage to buy his own coffin,he dug his grave,then bought three bulls for people to eat during his burial,yet he wasn’t even sick! Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere used to go to his Shamba in the morning like any other Tanzanian before proceeding to the office.In India,Mahatma Gandhi decided to embrace poverty because most Indians were poor! At the time of his death,his documented worldly possessions were:a wrist watch,a pair of sandals,and two eating sticks! In Jamaica (where marijuana is considered a 'holy Herb’and grown like our maize),Mutabaruka, despite being a leading intellectual and a PhD holder,walks barefooted! He claims that an African is too poor to put on shoes…The list of iconoclasts is quite long.Wajackoya may not capture the presidency,but he will leave a mark as an independent thinker/intellectual.Lets gang up and vote Wajackoya