Waititu Impeachment - It gets Messy

"Justice Onyiego has refused to swear in Kiambu Deputy Governor Nyoro as governor saying procedure hasn’t been followed. ‬

‪County Commissioner and entire security team have demanded that he swear him in but he has refused demanding that all legal procedures must be followed. ‬

‪You see the mess?" ‬- ROBERT ALAI

Kenya a fucked up country where everyone has his own narrative of the law is very clear

Alisema wapi?

Hii sio porojo umetoa FB?

Iwitness witnessed


alilenga kuenda kum swear in as earlier agreed

hii katiba ililetwa na civil society ni shida…
i sometimes wonder wonder what the motive was…

ambiguous and just meant to cause confusion…

See, this is why I support the rule of law.

Inspite of the challenges from within its better than anarchy