Waititu for guvner Kabogo Arudi Thindigua


[SIZE=6]I will show you dust at nominations, Kabogo warns Waititu[/SIZE]
Apr. 12, 2017, 6:00 pm
Kiambu Governor William Kabogo has told his main challenger Ferdinand Waititu to be ready for a humiliating defeat the April 21 party nominations.

Kabogo enumerated his achievements over the four years he has been in office.

“I am telling you, come April 21, I will show my opponents dust in the primaries," he said.

“They better be prepared for a humiliating defeat. I am sure the people of Kiambu will give me another term to complete the work I began. After all, my development record speaks for itself.”

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The Governor said one of his greatest achievements was the Sh300 million Biashara Fund through which youths have been getting loans for business.

Adding his administration had scored big on health, Kabogo noted an ongoing project to expand several hospitals at a cost of Sh1.5 billion.

I thought Thindigua was that speaksay that was on Tom 0boya street near Kingswear…

Kabogo will get the seat , but Nyoro is better


Wakikuyu wa kiambu wakojoleane…

Kiambu west hatutaki Kabogo.


Enyewe we are ferked. Kama kawa



Na Kiambu ya mababi- Runda Evergreen et al, wanasema ni nani?

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Kabogo is the Kikuyu kingpin after Uhuru… He has what it takes
He has monetary muscle,
He has a bad mouth
He is a crook…
And most important, he can mercy keino you anytime.

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hao hawana kura.