Waititu 15 million bribe

[ATTACH=full]275033[/ATTACH]The Judgment in the Appeal by Governors Waititu and Lenolkulal in the Court of Appeal to be allowed to resume their functions and access their offices is due to be delivered on December 20, 2019. The same is before Court of Appeal Judges Daniel Musinga, Agnes Murgor and Gatembu Kairu. Waititu is represented by Tom Ojienda whilst Lenolkulal has Paul Nyamodi representing him. Something curious happened when Waititu asked that his Cash Bail of Kshs. 15 Million be subsided with a Bond and a Surety. It is alleged that he used the Kshs. 15 Million to facilitate a favourable Judgment which is due on 20th December with the support from Ojienda and the Council of Govenors. It is important to let the Court of Appeal know that those shenanigans are known. No wonder Deputy Speaker of Senate Prof Kindiki attempted to pre-empt the Judgment by ruling that Governors can use different offices. All these issues are related.

Uko na evidence. These are very wild allegations.
Table them here please.
Or we remove the thread.

In Kenya, when you see smoke there is fire from an overturned petrol tanker and people are being roasted.

Time will tell. Do you remember the anticipatory bail issued to the governor by some magistrate?? he ended up resigning… there is alot at play as i said time will tell. save the thread, Dec 20th


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