Waiting for mumble rappers to do this.

i need to hear a mumble rapper do something like this.
I have had these two videos on repeat for weeks




Seriously bruh…Tulichangia hii shit when it was trending on twitter…I even had the method one before the FMF freestyle but now is when you blessing black thought…
Cool next time drop in the hiphop threads zetu @Jimit n even ahem @Smith_ (has bad taste in music talker beware)

Was Method Man reading lyrics?

What Thought did to that mic, he aint getting a comeback even from Kendrick 400 million views. The freestyle of the year.

The Greatest masterpiece ever made


Black Thought masterpiece shit


Why you dragging kendrick in this…the guy is the one keeping the game in its roots(pun intended) and am sure if black thought was askedd he gone bless K. and his work since his music has a lot of use on instruments and band appeal…

When did we see this shit?? For once I side with @Freakazoid

kitambo man …feels like they must have heard it on hbr or some shit

Qiestion is, why bother putting up a thread if you cant go through other threads in this section?

I swear that bugs me here no respect anyways just played the drake and weezy family fued… the kendrick effect has finally come through…niggaz went to their ol school flow…2018 shit is gone be hard for mumble rap i told yah


but still not listening to dedication 6 hadi 2018

Weezy the sound biter, ill still listen to that Dedication 6 tho

Hiphop will never go back to its Roots. Some of us accepted and moved on. Even if Meth and Thought drop them albums after mixtapes, they wont get enough plug as Migos

yo sure…nigga the script been flipped since DAMN dropped …Joyner lucasis doggin the new kids…no new acts album has been acclaimed by any reputable voice in the industry…Nicki lost this year…and 2018 is gonna be hell worse for mumble rap…its 2 year run is done…saw the new podcast ya joe budden and ctg and was amazed that future dropped two albums this year…the games been changed…and kina kanye and ab-soul 2018 wako ndani…


they should have know it was them in trouble hahah!!!

Watching them female MCs 2018



wont be sure about cardi b apart from the shit that revealed of her migos nigga cheating and her latest track had a strong bite from this track


damn this was the new gem she just opened up to me…guess to her biting flows now got a new flame in ma pants
and remy been on …plus i like her verse in this track can’t believe this nigga got a feature on an em album from this


won’t lie i have all the verses crammed

Bout to forget tomboy emcee Young MA




Michael Jordan alikufanyia nini?

decipher that shit