Wait for this War to Start

Personally i don’t give a damn about wars of non-Africans.
Let them fight each other.
It’s said US Republicans government is pro-war.

The possibility of war between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the United States has recently increased. Meanwhile Russians and Chinese have amassed troops near their borders with North Korea.


N.Korea troops

U.S. nuclear-powered submarine armed with Tomahawk missiles arrives in S.Korea

Meanwhile US and S.Korea are preparing


Fun fact: All of S. Korea’s military personnel are trained in martial arts - taekwondo.

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Risasi haijui Taekwondo,karate sijui judo,hata karisasi ka .22


Oh another dick waving contest!

Kweli Russia is big, no wonder Sarah Palin alisema akiwa Alaska see can see Russia

Never knew Russia shared a border with north Korea but it is just 11 miles

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Waaaaaaaaaaaah, hata mimi leo hiyo imenishika. Russia shares a land border with North Korea! Nimejua hiyo leo after several decades on earth!


NK doesn’t have long range missiles that can reach continental US. The furthest one could reach is San Francisco, and that’s also questionable after last week’s failure. Kim is an idiot

Kim can hit US allies though - think Japan, South Korea…
Still not a good idea to bite a bull dog.

Never thought of looking at the map to see where NK is . My shock it that it borders Russia and China :eek::eek:!! No wonder China supports NK.

Do not underestimate NK they don’t have to launch intercontinental missiles from home, 2 years ago some of their submarines went off radar they can be anywhere in the world just waiting to unleash hell, fighting NK is like fighting a cornered cat you might kill it but you will go with some nasty injuries


North Korea wako juu…Trump ajaribu aone war