Remember yesterday’s interview where Ruto was asked if waiguru was responsible for the theft of the millions in NYS, his response was like, if she has never been found guilty then she’s good to go and if she was to be found guilty she shouldn’t be holding or contesting a public office…,well today PAC has found her as the mastermind behind the mess in NYS… I’d like ruto to be the first one to throw the proverbial stone to her…


https://scontent-ams3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/fr/cp0/e15/q65/18491619_10211563812063771_6751226193029255370_o.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoiYiJ9&oh=ecb3d5337f489b97fa56184a1c28346b&oe=597446A2 Meanwhile sasa kumbe meli hata haikupita SA as it was said …

Waiguru will be the next Kirinyaga governor. Take that to your local Jamii Bora (I know you are a low life) branch.

Kwa hivyo hii mahindi ilimea kwa ship na ikavunwa as it was still sailing ama ilitoka wapi?
Tell us about the source of the damned maize.


Hata mutai kunyi ame patikana na makosa…na vile alikua ana tishia watu vile ata wa sue…

Ha ha ha, hu hu hu, as if ni oxygen supply utakuwa umenizimia.

The president said no money was stolen in the NYS. The PS health also said no money has been lost in the Ministry of health.

Boss PAC is a committee of politicians who singo their master’s tune, if you had watched the proceedings regarding the NYs you would know those guys are full of shit!! kuna time when Waiguru appeared before the committee she pproduced Kabura’s phone records as traced by the CID, those clowns were amazed that such a document existed, nikashangaa wanafanya investigeshen gani kama they had not even asked the same from the CID.

My take is either this NYS scam was perfectly planned and executed by some guys in the DP’s office to finish Waiguru seeing that there was beef between these two even before the scam happened or there was alot more money stolen they had to sacrifice one of their small fish to deflect attention and nyamazisha the public.

Hii Meli ilikuwa wapi the whole of March 2017?
I am not an expert in these matters but from this manifest, it indicates the equipment was at port TOMASINA in MADAGASCAR on 19th Feb 2017 and it was in port LOUIS in MAURITIUS on 22nd April 2017…this is a 62days difference yet Madagascar and Mauritius are neighbours…something is not adding up…my two cents!

Voter bribery didn’t stop him from running…now did it?


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Ndio umati ya kisii…

Ruto also reiterated that no money was stolen

Waiguru is the next Kirinyaga governor

ninge ongea mbaya lakini wacha tu

I admire your investigative abilities. Real kipawa!

i rarely use such language but today i will

FK nicholas gumbo. he’s a jackass who couldn’t run the PAC and was an emotional clown
K the PAC for they’re politicians they only want to sound like they’ve done shit when they really haven’t
F**K their investigations and the inquiries they did

PAC is a rubbish body that has nothing going for it! If you want true justice go to the courts; not a political sitting.
FK the PAC, FK their investigations and F**K that sore lose nicholas gumbo

F**K them all!!!

Utaskia wanasema upus.

My friend hope you know that this is Kenya, everything seems possible. She will go to court

shida ni wenye walimpigia kura

Hawakusema Mexico…walisema maize iko - a naswa principal