Dont touch Waiguru unless you are Raira, she is a live wire!

who is Riara?

Ngai!!! Matiangi help!!!

hua nashangaa…na bado nauliza…hawa watu wote baying for mumbi’s blood kulikosa mmoja tu ana ka credible efidens ka kuonyesha alichukua pesa?

You provide evidence…you also incriminate yourself.
Sooo Wajuu is safe…until she “uses” county funds as a Governor and the charade is repeated…

really (and mark i have never said she’s innocent!)? but with all those sharks from both sides of the creek circling her wouldn’t there have been just one to bite the bullet and bring out some infor?


This is the game Kamlesh perfected…give largesse to those who matter on both sides of the political divide and you’ll spend your “loot” without a care!

Noogle NV should not be heard or seen. Sarrup!

I wonder!!