Waihiga Mwaura

Can’t this guy let the interview flow.?
Bure kabisa.
Let Kimani Ichungwa ajikaange baana?

I cant upload a file,why?

Because @Electronics4u and @administrator are faggets

Ichungwa ameuliza Rao atavisit the looted supermarket lini?

thursday tuko maandamano CBD

If all fails govt will have to find a way of invoking state of emergency. Huwezi aribia watu biashara Monday to Friday while stirring the pot of anarchy and unlawlessness. Kenya must stand; all actors of violence will one day face the music. Govt kaza kabisa, gonga violent actors Hadi watii…

Tulia upangwe kagege


Ichung’wah still think he can spin it like they did in the campaign period

The op is incompetent , I have been loading things much easier and faster than compared to the other regime of @formeradministrator who I didn’t find amusing . @mnyambuo ako sawa

Munafuata politics kama bold and the beautiful

Chief si tupatane nkushikie Jameson najua economy imekupeleka kwa chrome na hii maneno iishe ?nakam maandamano hapo kibiach ikianza

Mijingaaaa Enda uone wanaume in under wears acting brare

Hehehe. Wanawatch Real Husbands of Kenya.