Waiguru to be cleared of all charges: U should know people..

According to sources who spoke to citizen TV, the gavana will be cleared of all charges tomorrow afternoon.
The ball will be thrown into of the courts of investigation bodies EACC, DCI, and DPP.
Peasants should know people…

Watu wa Kirinyaga wakule ujeuri wao,but kuna watu wawili who will go under,that Pauline Kamau and the procurement officer

She will still be impeached again in a few months.

. Very likely. But don’t you think she has anticipated that and is already crafting counteractive measures? Pesa itamwagwa and some MCAs will be bought.

But also Raila her god papa could be dead by then…

She had already requested the court to order MCAs not to impeach her using the same charges

I hope she stole in fact I wish she steals 10 billion from the people of Kirinyaga. They gave Kenyans the finger in 2017 and called her minji minji. Fuck em!!!

Mtu aliiba NYS but Kirinyaga people wakamchagua. What did they expect surely?

Hakuna watu mafala hii kenya kama watu wa kirinyaga, kiambu, siaya, migori… they don’t even deserve a brain, there brains are retarded anyway

if u followed the proceedings, there was no single evidence linking the governor with money loss or fraud. If there is any please cite it here. ata aende court gani in the world she will be proved innocent. watu watabeba mizigo yao ni procurement and tendering officers

Know them carnally ama aje? It worked out for Minji²

How about her confidant chairing the procurement meetings yet she was unqualified.

Unpopular opinion.

I don’t think Waiguru was the architect of the NYS scandals. She was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Her perceived proximity to Uhunye also contributed to her downfall because she was used as a punching bag by Uhuru’s political opponents.
I have taken time to listen to the impeachment proceedings before the Senate and my conclusion is that there is more politics than substance. Did she, as Governor of Kirinyaga County, influence tender awards? Of course! Isn’t that why everyone wants to become one! Utamu wa kuwa Governor ni kupeana tenders. This is the political reality in Kenya. Has she looted public funds? No. In fact, the gravest allegation that the MCA’s could conjure up was about her holding onto imprest longer than she should have.The MCA’s are probably angry because she ‘ate’ alone. I am certain they had their preferred tenderers who didn’t win hence the current impasse. Can’t think of any other reason.
In conclusion, the electorate and the political leadership in this country are rotten. Ann Waiguru, however, is not the most rotten of the apples. She is just the lowest hanging one.

And the most beautiful, I might add…

Kenyans and their low standards…SMH!! :rolleyes:

How on earth is Waiguru beautiful? Do u even know the meaning of the word? She’s a shagz-mundu looking menopausal woman. Afadhali ata useme Cate Waruguru!! Waiguru? YUCK!!!

Safi kama pamba

Safi Kama pampers

Speak for yourselof…
Siwes mind Ku…(haiya ngoja nibandilishe handle…:D)

Wewe na ujuaji wako umekufikisha wapi? Si unatangamana tu hapa ktalk na wao

Very correct analysis