Waiguru on JKLive

Jeff leo mecho imengarishwa na thighs za sweetie wa Kirinyaga.

I have listened to her and must say that I have been wonderfully surprised, very smart and articulate.
Pretty impressive

She has always been very articulate. Kuiba pia anajua…

Aliiba nini? the moment kenyan will stop being some fucking dumb walls where rhetorics just bounce off like echo everything will change. Just allowing some click of idiots to think on your behalf. W say someone is pregnant because we can see bumb, when do people say someone is corrupt? Am not defending her but i defend anyone labelled corrupt and no evidence is tabled.

Keep on keeping on.

She may be articulate but that doesn’t exempt her from the need to account for her wealth
The claims that her net worth is 300 million means that this is what would remain if her debts were deducted including any mortgage.

Now lets do kidogo math, back in 2002 she was Ndii’s secretary (yes that Ndii):D:D and prior to that she was a secretary at some church. She was probably earning not more than 60 k then. :D:D

Her meteoric rise began after the Kibaki elections in 2003. She has no known business or industry that she’s running so one presupposes that all this is from her salary.
To have a net worth of 300 m would suggest that at a minimum, she invested 15 m every year and with approx 25% ROI for the last fifteen years! :oops::oops:

Is she married? May be she inherited family wealth, theres a lot of other variables.

Worth 300million and doesn’t even drive exotic cars.

Kenyans are funny with speculations.

There is one peasantry thing being constantly repeated here at KTalk. Salary will never make your a rich millionaire unless you are a CEO of a top firm like safcom or Centum. If you want to be a millionaire drop the salary and do business. That’s where 100’s of 1000’s are making millions silently as they pay your salaries to keep your ambitions low.

Was married, née Nyamu and no family wealth on the Nyamu side.

True, salary will never make you wealthy but the person in question has no known business and has always been employed.

I can trace back her peasant days to 2002… [SIZE=1]for further details nione kando:D:D:D[/SIZE]

Businesses can be any, its very wide. In the last 18 months I have studied three models in farming I wish to start in early 2019. I’m one of those who pays 5000 to go on a guided learning tour of farms to be taught their reasons for success. The land size, structures, planting, nurturing, staff, skill set, harvest, post harvest care and sale of produce. There is a farmer in Ngong who started with 10 cows and now has 100 cows in a fully automated and modern dairy farm. He took a loan of 24 months and in this year 5, he is making 10 million monthly after cost. He is a dollar millionaire. You can’t tell with his pickup and gumboots. There is a fruit farm making a million a month after cost and a vegetation farm making 3 million a month. This simple farm businesses dont attract much attention from our gossip led press but their out there making profit and success. Why? Urbanization, as long as the population in towns and cities remains the same then demand will be there.

Sudden change in networth. There is another interview she did 2 years ago ( or so) when she was under sieke and she said that the house in Kitisuru was under mortgage. In fact that interview was from inside that house.

No wonder that guy from Mathira is so bitter.

So urageria kuga ni nyamú endirie???

Huyo wachana na yeye hata akikuja Jeff washing machine show. Clearly hawaendi far sana hawa wezi. Biwott sued many whenever he was mentioned in relation with his dirty works and even won as was expected.

But to the very end he was still making documentaries with some wazungus to try and clear his name… na hakuna mtu amemwuliza chochote!

Lakini anaskia tu akiwashwa. Mliona ugonjwa. Halafu unaskia daughter akisema she wants none of his wealth!

Na vile govt. walijaribu kumsafisha kwa mazishi. So, Madame Catwalk one can see how she takes offense when the topic is broached. Sasa anajidanganya ati once her name is “cleared” whatever that means, the citizens will surely forget!

Along those lines please tell us this: waiguru invested in business abc which has a turnover of 123 and this way she can be legit. Otherwise tunajua ni P.o.P

I’m not talking about waiguru at all here. I want to debunk this notion that wealth comes with salary. Survival and basic comfort comes with salary. Wealth comes with business and investment. It doesn’t even need to be your money or capital to start with. The question JKL should have asked is from that 300 million worth, how much was derived from paid work? from investment or business? If you have any loans? That would also help me know.

Those who steal 300 million can easily be identified since they will concentrate with consumption. Buy 5 SUV, drinks, sex etc. None goes to investment.

You are not listening. Wacha ikae. I’m not waiguru, how would I know? Those questions ungeambia JKF aulize instead of concentrating on questions of no value.

My point remains to the majority workforce, don’t be comfortable with little or your paycheck. Always have several hustles as backup in your life. Otherwise you will be a slave to your job.

Kindly share links and contacts niende case study… niko na 3/1/2 acres of idle land.