Waiguru Officially Ousts Kuria and Nabs The Converted Mt Kenya Running Mate Status...

Kirinyaga Governor, Anne Mumbi Waiguru, has revealed how President Uhuru Kenyatta’s allies played a role in her move to the United Democratic Movement (UDA) party. Speaking during a meeting in Karen, Waiguru revealed that she consulted with her Kieleweke partners, who advised her it was time to jump ship since her county residents had shown immense support for Deputy President William Ruto.

Ruto Crowns Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru at his Karen residence

The governor on Tuesday, October 26, announced that she would defend her seat on a UDA ticket after consulting with the people of Kirinyaga and also seasoned politicians who understand how the game of politics is played.

Waiguru stated that she was advised to listen to the people and understand how crucial it is to stay relevant and in touch with the needs of the electorate. She also pointed out that the move was not easy for her because she thought she was betraying Kieleweke.

Ruto and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru at his Karen residence, on October 26, 2021

"I asked for wisdom and I think I have listened. I have checked with members who are sitting here and I have even checked with people who are still on the other side.

I have asked if it would amount to betrayal if I moved but the message I have been given is that in politics, you must be very careful to stay relevant," Waiguru stated.


Waiguru added that she feared that the people would not elect her on a Jubilee Party ticket, adding that she had done her research on the ground and she listened to her voters.

“You must be very careful to listen to the people. Never imagine as a leader you are the one who tells the people what to do.
The people tell you what to do. They decide who they will elect very early,” she added.


The Governor explained that during the just concluded Mashujaa Day celebrations, it became obvious who the people of Kirinyaga would elect in 2022, referencing the cheers DP Ruto received from the crowd when he addressed them. Waiguru praised DP Ruto for how he handled the situation.

During Mashujaa Day, Ruto’s assurances to President Uhuru Kenyatta thrilled the attendees at Wang’uru Stadium, Kirinyaga County.

DP Ruto promised to safeguard Uhuru’s legacy after the Head of State retires in 2022. He praised the President as a transformational leader whose reputation and development agenda would guide his successors.

“I assure you that as your deputy for nine years, your legacy and agenda and transformation of our nation together with the bottom-up approach will drive this country,” Ruto stated as the crowd cheered on.


Uhuru, who favors a trickle-down economic model rather than Ruto’s bottom-up approach, was also spotted laughing at the DP’s thinly veiled attack.

The DP further claimed to speak on behalf of all opposition leaders who had attended the meeting, when he assured Uhuru that they would work in unison and champion for peace and posterity.

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This is a BOLD move for Waiguru and Kirinyaga. A Big Catch for Ruto.

IT should not however be assumed that she is the obvious running mate. In fate that should be discouraged. She should focus on running as a Strong Returning Governor under Hustler Movement. And crash Karua and Ngirichi or Whip them to UDA.

Now the focus should be on Muturi to UDA. Once he crosses over…then Ruto can choose from MtK either Muturi with untainted record and national recognition or a WOMAN with a track record. And this should be deferred till late May '22.

That last part is the most important.

“My house gets lonely at times”
Really :smiley:

Go to the senate, work 10 hrs a week and spend the rest of the time chasing deals.

Muturi with an untainted record ??? do you why he left the judiciary…???

hata wajuu akijoin UDA ,kirinyaga ground imeshift tayari

Once again the voter amechezwa, leaders are just being voted on the basis of parties only, regardless of how much they have fucked up

It is funny even @spear said this would never happen…that Waiguru was not to be touched by a 10 ft pole.

But WSR’s the Captain of the ship and he makes the final decision. :smiley:

Inaitwa Tumbo kwanza movement

Reading this thread one can only bellow out loudly. Odmers on this forum have told us many times that kwa ground vitu ni different and also that opinions on the ground do not matter.
Such a confused lot!!

Mangele,hapa naona Lootall akicheza vile kanywaji alicheza '17…nko kirinyaga na huku watu wako divided between Ciringi na Maritha…so naona Mwisss akisema mwenye atapewa ndo atafanya kazi naye ndo asipoteze votes.

my opinion.

We the people of Mt Kenya are 100% behind Uhuru, Baba and the handshake.

I would love to know more about this monumentally cringeworthy track record

I hope and wish Ruto uses her as a running mate. Raila will be President by cockcrow on Election Day. Walkover victory. Raila will walk to a victory in a 100m sprint race.

It might be too early to predict but it seems only one candidate is putting his house in order early enough to avoid gate crashers who sour the party.

[SIZE=7]Why Waiguru, Ngirici Storm Will Give Ruto Sleepless Nights[/SIZE]

Kirinyaga Governor Anne Mumbi Waiguru has seemingly shifted the political tide after she officially decamped to the United Democratic Alliance outfit led by Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday, October 26.

According to the incumbent governor, her decision was based on requests from the people of Kirinyaga who mounted pressure on her to embrace the UDA brand of politics. The bold move has ultimately set the stage for a supremacy battle with Kirinyaga Woman Representative and UDA diehard Purity Ngirici who is also seeking to unseat Waiguru in the 2022 elections.

From left to right: Governor Anne Waiguru, William Ruto and Kirinyaga Woman Representative Purity Ngirici.

In what might be a recipe for disaster, the DP has the unenviable task of navigating through the storm between the two in a bid to ensure they remain united.

Speaking to Kenyans.co.ke, political analyst David Makali noted that the likely scenario would pit Ngirici as the favourite to retain the UDA ticket.

“The defection of Waiguru will not deter Ngirici from pursuing her ambition to be governor. She (Ngirici) has done a lot of ground work and I think in any negotiations that would happen, she has the upper hand so she is likely to retain the UDA ticket. Added to the fact that the track record for Waiguru has been problematic, she has opposition on the ground which I don’t think UDA would want to run against,” he stated.


In regards to Waiguru shelving her ambitions to defend the gubernatorial seat for the UDA running mate slot, Makali noted that it was an unlikely possibility.

“It may not be necessarily running mate because that position is very delicate. The considerations are really big, hence it’s not easy for her to come and seat on top of that deck without creating a bit of unease within the outfit,” he stated.

He noted that Ruto would ultimately give a government position to the incumbent governor in order to allow Ngirici to get the UDA ticket- essentially pitting the Woman Representative against Narc Kenya party leader Martha Karua.

“In any case, the battle will be between Ngirici and Martha Karua. The likelihood is that both of them could miss the governorship because I suspect there might be another entrant in that race, a man, who might overtake them and get that seat. This is because of the ground’s growing disenchantment with the leadership that Waiguru has created, which might not be easy to wipe out and that is going to affect Karua as well. But as it is those who are in the race, it’s basically a race between the two,” he stated.

Political analyst Dr. Barrack Muluka also intimated that the DP had a tough balancing act within the Mt Kenya region and in the country as a whole in order to satisfy the various interests and ambitions.

Ruto and Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru during a meeting in Karen,

“It’s difficult to tell because we don’t know the conversations that they had before. We know Ngirici has been very close to the DP but Waiguru has affirmed that she listened to her people on the ground.”

“Obviously the DP must have had a word with Ngirici to tell her of the moves that were to be made and the implications.
So, we have to wait and see. In an ordinary functional democracy, we’d expect they go through the party primaries, but in politics, people believe in self-interests.”

Muluka affirmed that the tough task for the DP would spread across the Mt Kenya region and essentially across the country as various politicians would stake their claim and advocate for their own interests.

Waiguru has made a bad political move. Every one even my cows in kimilili know Waiguru was not going to be reelected, every one knows already ngirici has the UDA nomination certificate in her safe.

Waiguru ange stick na ODM , the next president Raila ampatie cheo Fulani kwa sirikali. Now she will lose the nomination, cry foul stand as an independent , lose to Ngirici . But president Raila will still give her some minor parastatal chair after Uhuru’s intervention

@spear Leta uhondo

could this be a ploy to neutralise Waiguru. She loses UDA nomination to Ngirici and will not be accepted back to Jubilee?