Waiguru is lonely, UDA at war


Ako lonely na mzee yuko?

Naskia jambasi sugu kutoka Sugoi is going to nominate her for running mate.
[SIZE=1](after kupewa slices)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=7]Birds of a feather
flock togeza[/SIZE]

Alidanganya watu rais atakuwa analala sagana

Politicians are easily fooled. How do you trust Moses Kuria and Waiguru? Surely of all people.

Na unaona hizo macho za Kuria zinafanana tu na za Kenyatta.

Or how do you trust David Ndii of the Gatabakis?

David Ndii ni deep state, he pretends to fight sirikal yet his wife is the one implementing huduma number. Mchana Ndii anatukana sirkal usiku wako night meetings talking to Jinping.

You think Ruto is such stupid to nominate someone who has shown disloyalty in the past and openly fought him in the past while leaving and ditching the loyal soldiers that stood with him through the tough times.
You can rest assured Ruto running mate shall come from his loyal cadre such as Ichungwa or Rigathi Gachagua or those that have been around him all along. Not unless Ruto is that foolish.

Let me go to church and pray …that you are not serious

Niliskia Ngunjiri of Nakuru saying, “I love my dear president Uhuru. Mimi na Uhuru tumetoka mbari sana, when he was in Kanu I campaigned for him day and night. I respect President Uhuru like my brother…”

Nikashindwa is Ruto listening to this story?


Ngunjiri alijitoa kitambo. After realising intentions of this jambasi sugu kutoka Sugoi .
I was deep in the rift valley during the week and the level of voter apathy among the kukes is appalling. Most are preparing to shift to safer places a few days before election.
They won’t vote.

Wale wako huko ndani wataenda wapi?

Poor Ruto. Si afadhali tu angekunja mkia, atulie. Hata Murkomen naona ni kama ako 50/50.

Unajua ukiwa senate majority leader huwa mnaonana na Rais every monday morning. Murkomen misses state house.

Lonely women, i have a friend whose specialty is lonely House wives


Safer grounds.
Most have bought land around gilgil.

Ngunjiri changed and supported BBI publicly which is like aligning himself with Uhuru. Before that he was very good with Ruto. He’s already made his bed.

Tu redio una uongo saa ingine

Wharever I have said here has been proven true.
I said the ground in Centro is shifting nikatusiwa sana.
Ona sasa.

Ground is shifting when the loyal soldier for Uhuru like Waiguru is ditching Jubilee and heading to UDA to face nomination with Ngirici. Certainly the ground is shifting well

Which sides of RV? There’s voter apathy but kuna kura za Raila na Ruto bado.


hii ghasia unifurahisha sana

Waiguru knows hata kirinyaga hapati kitu. Anafuata nomination malaya mchafu mwizi kagwaro.