Waiguru aka MinjiMinji is The Smartest Politician in Kenya After Ruto!

Waiguru is now the chair of COG, the first woman to capture the seat. She is so bright such that she always makes the right move at the right time. I remember when the handshake was so powerful, she aligned herself with them and survived an impeachment attemp. Shortly after, the UDA wave sarted moving around the country, and especially MT. Kenya. She read early signs and jumped ship. That’s how her second term was guaranteed. Minjiminji is very smart.

Her core mandate as a governor, is how well she’s serving the people of Kirinyaga, and not these political side shows.

She knows when to hold, when to throw away and when to run

Funny she holds a master’s degree in Economics specialising in public finance. Anyone else see’s the irony in that. I mean who would have thought hey . All said, she’s generally an high IQ biatch by kijiji standards. And she got the looks goin’ on for her too …

I know it’s all about personal interests but such people cannot be trusted…


Look before you step on it

Life is very hard. I can only imagine what Ngirici and Karua are feeling rn. They were congratulating each other on Twitter only for things to change last minute.

The epic adversity offered by these two alpha biatches is what waiguru needed to go this far.

Nobody becomes governor to serve the people. You think when people are running for governor they think “ah look at those hungry little shits, time to run for governor!”

If that were the case no one would be dying of hunger in those starving counties of kenya. NO ONE

How many presidents has Mbaruya nation produced?

we dont believe in election theft unlike you thieves

She’s lucky. When you have favor and grace in your life every move you make looks genius! The truth of the matter is that she took several gambles and they all paid off. Ngirici, not so much. Imagine how many billions of her husband’s money she has blown off when Waiguru was just resting and relaxing? I would rather be lucky. Hard work only pays off when in combination with luck. Otherwise you can work hard but the end is miserable.

I don’t like her but she’s one cunning woman. Especially how she forced Ngirici our of UDS yet she was a founding member.

Grow some cajones and start winning elections. Mbaruya asijulikane kua cook na watchman pekee.

Hasira ya Baluhyia is inversely proportional to the size of ugali offered!

Nucca is you fucked up drunk or on some real potent dope shit cousin.What kinda fuckery is this twisted logic man. Most if not all governors, pretty much majority of politicians all across the scale; generally belief to a fault that they can positively and are motivated by a genuine desire to serve and impact on their people as a major driving force to join politics in the first place. Politics is like gambling; the higher the stakes the greater the belief. Every gambler beliefs they have a chance at beating the table, just like politicians belief they can deliver on their promises. Well the reality of these scenario’s often turns out quite differently. The odds in both cases are always against you from the beginning. In gambling the table is designed to beat you. In Kenyan politics the system is designed to serve the political class, elites, middle working class and above and hope the effects trickle down or not. The rest were meant to fend for themselves. We inherited this school of thought from our colonial masters and it’s still in play.


Maliseni hio takataka kabisa