Case has failed. There is nothing to prove he was not an assistant commissioner of police.

Kuna vid nimeona jamaa akirushwa ndani Jana since he dint respect curfew.

alikua anaenda kwa duty zake za usiku kama assistant commissioner of police.

Kenyan law is a complete ass

The heat has cooled down he can now be released. A lot of dirty things go on on Kenya. That is why when regimes change some people will really suffer. Under the great economist Kibaki, we had the Margaryans as Assistant Commissioners of Police. We imported an Ethiopian Peasant at great cost because we were desperate for heroes, yet so many were alive but forgotten.

Look at Moi regime. When he left many of the most powerful people became very ordinary and even desperate in a short while.
When Kibaki left the same thing.
When Jomo Kenyatta died, Mbiyu Koinange who was the Eminence grise of his regime lost to Karume in Kiambaa and died a few years later. Mbiyu used to boast that he only needed Kenyatta vote to win. At indipendence Mbiyu was MP and another brother was Senator- Kiambu.

Waiganjo did all those things and more. Now no one cares anymore he can be released.

Waiganjo actually fired policemen while he was posing as a cop

I believe he was a real cop, but maybe one of the underground, un-documented, black-ops kind. He stepped on so many toes, calling attention to himself - something he was supposed to avoid.