Wahome Thuku's crystal balls

Wahome Thuku
WHEN a cattle dip chairman in Murang’a says so and so will be elected in 2022, he is speaking on behalf of the entire Mt Kenya (including WT)
When Kiambu governor says the region will decide its future (note he did not say who will or will not be elected), he is speaking for himself.
The tragedy is if someone decided to believe the cattle-dip boss and ignore the governor for convinience.



We nimekuambia ukatombe nyanyako…mbwa wewe


hata cordomites hawataki kura ya shaitan kama wewe

Ushamaliza kurape nyanyako??

ndio,nimebakisha nyanyako shoga shaitan

wakanya tiga kurumanaga na ihiii.


CORD’s love affair with fam-assist governors is telling…could it have something to do with the dismantling of some networks in the coast region?


3rd thread on same nonsense. Please.

…no it’s an obsession with one Bill you’d think they care about him.


Keep counting, ikifika 20 njoo nikupe kunyi

When a mad man speaks,pay attention.There is always some truth somewhere.

Most of you are banishing kabogo not because he is wrong about what he said but because he doesn’t know how to whisper in secret

…why, when en how did it become a source of your concern?. kabogo is not there spokesperson, ana kura moja kama yako en yours tunajua ni ya nani.

More from WT

WOW!! now 2022 has been patented:
You predict 2022 will be a dry year and bloggers descend on you like snow calling you traiter.
Kabogo may be summoned to CID hq to record a statement for infringing on the 2022 copyright by saying Mt Kenya will decide whom to support 2022.
I saw demons against him and wondered, are they angry because they think he lied or because they think has let the cat out of the bag?
Even Shebesh who voted for Raila Odinga in 2013 is here to condemn.
What a country. Soon mentioning 2022 and presidential candidate in same sentence will be hate speech and you will be arrested for it.
But as I say, some things are better said now than later.

Even God, the heavenly Father, knows that Kabogo Spoke the real truth. But for now let us pretend that he spoke for himself

…coz he dint endorse what you’re insinuating.

Fact remains it’s no longer a well kept secret… it’s now an OPEN SECRET

Typical riotous Luo, when faced with reality. Such uncouth and childish insults demonstrates immaturity not worthy any response. No wonder you guys believe the stolen votes narrative. Coz seriously that is also pathetic. The educated among your lot should educate the hoi polloi.
Now listen,
Have your youth take id’s. Thats what we are busy doing.
Have them youth register as voters.
If for any reason there are delays in there issuance, shout at the govt to expedite. Recruit recruit, recruit, and bridge the gaps.
Form alliances with like minded communities. And strive to retain what is in your fold. Be calm and reasonable when forming such. Coz if you don’t know by now, you may not get the kamba vote next year. Hawo mmechafukuza. Na ya Weta pia haina guarantee.
As long as kikuyu and kale are not fighting, your chances for leadership are unfortunately nearly impossible, and that’s why you wish kafogos statement had some credibility. Again as said before, kafogo cannot even make Juja mca, so brother you are unlucky on that one. Unless a miracle happens wsr is home and dry 2022-2032.

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