Wahome could have been a ktalker but.....

A Nyeri tycoon wants his wife stopped from transferring to her name a property the couple inherited
from their son. Mr Francis Ndegwa has asked the Court of Appeal to stop his wife, Mrs Juliet Ndegwa, from
inheriting the house in Nairobi’s Buru Buru left by their son Robert Wahome.
In 2013, Mr Ndegwa asked the High Court to stop the transfer but this was turned down. The couple has been fighting over their son’s property, who died in 2002 at the age of[SIZE=6] 33[/SIZE].
He left behind the house, money in three bank accounts, a National Social Security Fund pension and [SIZE=6]three commercial vehicles.[/SIZE]
In February 2004, Mrs Ndegwa sought letters of administration for the estate.The couple’s two daughters gave their consent but their father refused. One of the daughters later died.
Mr Ndegwa took control of the vehicles and collection of rent from the Buru Buru house while Mrs Ndegwa withdrew money from one of the bank accounts. Mrs Ndegwa then applied for a grant which was confirmed in her husband’s absence as he did not show up for the hearing of the case but later contested it.

Mrs Ndegwa also accused her husband of throwing her out of their home because of her poor health.
During the hearing, Mrs Ndegwa said she wanted the property to be shared among herself, her husband and their surviving daughter. Mr Ndegwa objected, saying the daughter should be excluded.
The High Court and Appeal Court ruled that the daughter, Ms Jane Ndegwa, was entitled to one of the bank accounts and the rest of the property was shared equally between the couple. The case will be heard by appeal judges Philip Waki, Roselyn Nambuye and Patrick Kiage.(10th Dec Daily Nation)

The inherited son must be turning in his grave. Woooi

How can parents fight for their son’s property?sadness of life

I thought it begins with ‘A Nyeri tycoon’. Ama tycoons huko ni wale nitahustle till i die??

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Ametajirishwa na hiyo nyumba ya buru na commercial vehicles.

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the nyeri tycoon is the dad. they are fighting with wife I guess over house in buru

Like Michael Jackson’s siblings and father felt when finding out he left nothing for them.

A ‘tycoon’ fighting for a buruburu house?


hehe…this shit doesn’t add up

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This is SAD.

It has made me think about lots and lots a things in my mind. I will post a listing tomorrow on my thoughts about this…

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Shameful parents. Hata huyo mama pia mbona anabishana na mzee hivyo but I guess that old man must be very stingy.

Naona mali yangu nikiachia neighbor sasa

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wapi @Jirani ?

Watu waandike will before they die, even if you only own a matchbox.


@spax kumbe unakuaga na shonde io design:rolleyes:
Napenda sana:):slight_smile:

Money and wealth, the root of many squabbles.