Wahenga walisema Ujaluo ni...


Lazima utambulike :D:D

Nani amekukataza usiishi ivo pia?

Afadhali hivo kulienda, juu @Jimit Thanos Otieno angeenda Quivers akatae kuoneshana ID kisha aitishe the most expensive drinks in the house to celebrate Baba’s victory.

Kisha bill ikiletwa asema, “Don’t you know who ayam. Ayam Jimmy Otieno Ochuodho son of Maria Achuodho from Sondu Miriu Town. Na kutoka leo baba President, Prime Minister his excellency the right honourable President of Kenya honourable MP langata, President Jaramogi Jaramandia Raila Amolo Tinga has gifted me this club and I do not intend to ever pay for my meals or drinks ever again! In fact can I see the manager so I can fire him!”

Now see right there…that there is another nigger moment.

Now poor @Jimit would be dragged to the rooftop by his foreskin and dropped head first to the pavement below. True story.

So in conclusion, afadhali hivyo kulienda.

These things are just for fun.

Though I’m surprised when some couple stupid luos tries them in real life. Okay ‘utashtua’ watu na kutesa, but you’ll go home alone and a loser. Hao watu ulikuwa unashtua na kutesa they will be having progressive lives while you become a shame.

Jaluo niaje , nunulia mwananchi Jameson 1 liter .

Atleast he has a home , stories za jaba tells that a jaruo will live like a king in town and retire to grass thatched houses at siaya or Bondo to die peacefully

Wivu kijijini. Mtu asiishi vile anataka kwani? :smiley: