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[SIZE=7]Scientists create mice from two dads after making eggs from skin cells[/SIZE]

Scientists have created mice with two biologically male parents for the first time — a significant milestone in reproductive biology.
The team, led by Katsuhiko Hayashi, a professor of genome biology at Osaka University in Japan, generated eggs from the skin cells of male mice that, when implanted in female mice, went on to produce healthy pups, according to research published March 15 in the peer-reviewed journal Nature.

The proof-of-concept research, the culmination of years of pain-staking lab work, could expand the possibilities for future fertility treatments, including for same-sex couples, and perhaps help prevent the extinction of endangered animals.

However, scientists warn there’s still much to learn before cultured cells can be used to make human eggs in a lab dish.

“It is expected that application into humans takes a long time, maybe 10 years or more. Even if it is applied, we never know whether the eggs are safe enough to produce (a) baby,” Hayashi said…

Erojibitikiu must be very happy…

what are the Pros and Cons of this ?

Stretching the gày thing too far


Mbona mambo ya ushoga fascinates wewe hivo,mbona ulikuwa unataka kuniban juu ya ile shoga Smith? Ghasia

We must progress as a species

The COVID Vaccine was just a trial run.

The globalists want power over our lives, everything down to bodily functions. When you disobey their mandates they punish you with a headache

I celebrate this because feminists funded research that was able to create a baby using a woman’s cell. The idea behind it was to make it possible for women to procreate without a man. Now men can procreate without a woman. For the woman project only a baby girl could be produced. Je hii?

Ulikuwa umenitupa Siberia juu ya nini watu-redio banae?

unaongelesha iyo descendant wa homeguard kama umenyenyekea aje…mwambie awache iyo ushoga ya kutupa watu siberia kulingana na venye periods zina mpeleka…iko nini

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