Wah! Nani ameona hio hailstorm?

For a moment there I thought the windscreen will shutter.

Iko wapi

She’s in Nairobi.

Kwani kali kuwa deported …

Deported from where? Kwani ulaya ni mbinguni? Ati mtu akidepotiwa ni kitu? What do you people do in Ulaya? Si ni zile kazi wazungu hawataki kufanya. Wewe na mtumwa hakuna tofauti. The people who are in heaven are the ones in Kenya enjoying good weather and don’t have to wipe anybodys ass. Do you know that African nurses are the one being assigned to Covid 19 patients ndio kama ni kifo the black nurses are the ones to die, do you know that white people are given priority for ventilators at the expense of blacks. Why are you brainwashed? You don’t love your mother land? Right now my cuzo in US is going through hell and high water to find her way to Kenya, with her kids na bado hajapata. Wewe saa hii ukifa na huu ugonjwa ulaya, even your remains will just be dumped in an anonymous graveyard nobody to pay last respects, your remains are interred in a foreign land. Learn to appreciate your mother land you fool. Right now Kenya is the best place you can be with this disease. Btw I had planned a pilgrimage to Israel this year but there goes my plans up in smoke thanks to Corona. Otherwise I would have been showing you photos of Gethsemane as you busy being a sour bitch, trolling me meanwhile I’m busy nikikaribia Yesu. I don’t know how many do I have to tell you people trolling me won’t decrease the number of asses you have to wipe. For me my motto is, the best revenge for your haters is living well. Who are you anyway? A stupid boy on the internet whose feelings toward me are of no consequence. Kama hunilishi you and your opinions of me ni kama kinyesi. Utakaa nayo.

Accepting your failures and flaws is the first step to defeating bitterness. Once you’ve accepted your limitations, insecurities can’t put you down anymore. Your chance of being bitter is then decreased. That’s why, forgive yourself for all the frustrations brought by your imperfection. Ni hayo tu @TrumanCapote

A pot calling a kettle black. You hate your own country and glorify mzungu country and you come to pontificate about acceptance. If you cannot love and accept your mother land what else can you accept?

Emancipated yourself from mental slavery that mzungu country is better than your country OK? Mukosa Mila ni mutumwa. Stop diverting the topic.

BETWEEN you and I who is bitter now that you are a psychologist now. I post about a hailstorm, you rush to ask kama kame deportiwa? Who sounds bitter here? Isn’t it you? You need to get a life uwache kutolea watu innocent kama mimi mauchungu.

I was asking about a hailstorm. Story ya kudeportiwa imetoka wapi? A whole na makende yako mbili should not be this bitch and petty. Wacha nikwambie. There are people in Kenya who are living a life you can’t even dream of. To them Kenya is Bae. Wewe if you don’t love your mother land shauri yako.

Don’t bring your self hate, toxicity, bile and anger to my very innocent post about hailstorms. Na kwa hayo mafupi, Mungu akuponye na akuokoe from the demons tormenting you to turn a post about hailstorms into a bitching contest. Pole Lakini. I know you are pouring the bitterness from wiping white asses on my innocent post about hailstorm. Quick Recovery. See Dr. Nganga akuombee.