Wah! Hii story ya Sholllei...

You may call Sam Shollei a beta male but the guy has a heart of a lion…Imagine kupata bibi yako akimangwa,Unamsaheme na unafund campaigns zake… The guy has re-married, ingekuwa mimi, singewahi oa tena…


Ata tukiseme opinion haiongezi pesa Kwa bank

ghassia catfisher niaje

Tony ontita ndiye tony mochama ?

Ni leso tu tymekosa. Huyo boss si bwana alikua anakula inje? Mbona sam akasirike akipata coomer imekanyagwa?,besides,alikua analipia campaign akijua atakulia . Kesi baadae aiseh

Marriage was a scam siding with neither.


Sam is a real gentleman, the only mistake ihe has done is marrying a kunguru immediately. Same forest but different monkeys


In 2040 Sam will need help bedding his wife and a lot of ninjas will be at hand

As a person who has known many women who have gone through infidelity and divorce this is the pattern I have noted. The woman finds out that the love of her life and father of her kids isn’t just having a one night stand but a real marriage of sorts with another woman. The woman goes into deep depression and she will often turn to drugs and alcohol to survive the pain. Once a woman has kids with a man and he betrays her it’s unbearably painful. I know women who have become insane and never become normal again.

The next stage is anger and bitterness. The woman has deep hatred for the man for his family for anything or anyone who takes his side. As often most mothers in law do not side with the lady but remain neutral or side with the man the anger is often directed to the man’s mother. Or any other relatives of his side. It’s an irrational rage that can cause women to even send goons to kill the intruder, gang rape her, maim her, and every imaginable vicious act. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Then comes a phase of promiscuity where the woman will seek comfort in one night stands knowing very well that the last thing on her mind is going through the cycle of dating, loving, trusting and then being betrayed. Relationships have lost meaning and they become a drug to cope with the pain.

Even if the man returns and does everything to make up, her heart is already dead. She feels cold. She feels nothing. Trust like glass once broken can never be regained. It’s a case of too little too late. And nothing is worse than a woman who once loved a man to bits having no more feelings for him. Just feeling cold and unresponsive. It’s like the dead. Once they cross over nothing can bring them back.

Afterwards is acceptance. This is where you will see the strength of a woman, the warrior in a woman. She’s been to hell and she made it out alive. She gets a new lease on life. Now the man is no longer the father of her kids but an opponent and a dead part of a past that’s behind her.

The death of a marriage has no winners. Everyone loses. The children lose. The couple loses. Many years after the bravado wears out, the things that brought the split will be seen as not worth the losses accrued.

I pray Gladys returns back to God and away from the escapes she’s pursuing which eventually turn into traps. As for the husband and his mistress we all know how that ends once the money runs out. And he ages.

Hii kijiji hukuwa na maneno sometimes. So you want to argue that Shollei is not a beta, yet you attach a pic explaining how he did the most beta thing that a man can ever do - forgiving a cheating wife. He’s not only a beta, but a cuckold too. Ukipata wife akimangwa that should be the end of that union because every smart man knows that women don’t cheat with their genitals olnly like us men, they cheat with their hearts too. So akishapatiana nje there’s no putting that genie back in the bottle no matter how many counseling sessions you attend. Huyo ashakukosea heshima and her heart is no longer in that marriage.
Alafu after getting burnt like that anaoa tena less than a week later. Huyo ni blue pill beta male wa mwisho.


He started the cheating and it was not with his genitals if the woman was his second wife. Women who are depressed and on drugs over their husband getting a second wife are in too much distress to cheat with anything but their genitalia.

Mgtow= Freedom…Never,ever do anything to please women, only please thy self