Wage Slaves Ke Version

90% of Kenyatalk villagers are wage slaves working for rent/food/transport throughout the year. Ndio maana hamuezi hama kawangware na githurai

Not everyone can be self employed. And not everyone is poor in the way you think.
There are people who have little income and are happier than wealthy people.
You writing this, are probably as broke as the people you’re dissing, or probably still in school.

Afadhali kucheka kwa boda boda kuliko kulia kwa range rover

Well said

sobering https://www.marketwatch.com/story/whats-your-wealth-number-this-is-how-rich-you-are-on-a-scale-from--2-to-11-2019-10-01?mod=mw_theo_homepage


As you can see, the biggest cohort comes in at the 3 levels, and that includes the median American renter with a net worth of $1,000, which covers a small emergency without borrowing. Only two people, Microsoft MSFT, -1.41% founder Bill Gates and the aforementioned Amazon AMZN, -0.01% founder, get the 11 designations.

The three top heirs of Sam Walton collectively are an 11 also. And since they hold that wealth collectively (in holding companies) that’s how it should be measured. Meanwhile, most of their employees are on food stamps, paid for by the rest of us…!

Tesla’s TSLA, +1.59% Elon Musk is stuck at 10, while Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is midpack at 5.

If Trump were honest, people would know that he is a 6 on this scale… :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, it shows you might have a net worth of $1M, but if that is tied up in your home equity in an expensive market, you are not cash-rich.
Many ranchers are multi-millionaires in the land but cash poor.

Leta facts and figures. Wewe ni fukara