waganga hodari kutoka tanzania


Miti shamba ni nini exactly? Herbal medicine or witchcraft?

Finally alifika Loliondo kwa babu kunywa cup?

Raila thrives on witchcraft. His daughter’s illness might not have been a normal illness. Maybe he had breached an agreement with a certain witchdoctor. Now that he has appeased him, the daughter suddenly recovered.

io miti huwa imepandwa kwa shamba gani? Raila thrives on human sacrifices. During Waiguru’s wedding Raila talked so negatively about Jesus Christ, and those of the way, the day Raila moves on into the great darkness will usher kenya into years of great prosperity

mkipigana 2007 akuwe prezo hamkujua hivyo

Herbal medicine. Witchcraft doesn’t really exist

This is the highest pole of shit I’ve seen in a while. When will kenyans know hizi vitu za uchawi don’t work as directly as they are purported to work?

If these things worked wachawi would be the most powerful people in the world! Instead they only hold reverence in their followers hearts just like preachers