Do airplanes have horn, do they hoot?

Iko ata na side mirror

iko nayo
kama pilot anataka kuongea na wasee wako kwa ground inje
kwa runway

Hilo swali linasound Mosadeh.

No son. They do not have horns.
Now go back to your muguka base and pay hiyo 10 bob you owe @poyoloko

Iko hata na Jack

Hio honi iko na sauti gani ya kuongea. I thought ni loudspeaker ile ya Ahuja ndio iko kwa nose gear:D:D

just to alert alafu they talk over the radio

This question and @SwagMargeddon 's response takes me back to the Mayday episode, in which a certain plane ran out of ngata mid-flight then had to divert to a military base somewhere in the Atlantic. Unbeknown to the crew, the runway there had been converted to a drag racing site, so all sorts of activities were going on; kids riding bikes there, picnics etc. The narrator jokes that the emergency landing as just been complicated dramatically “because if there’s one thing the A330 doesn’t have, its a horn” …to warn the people on the runway:D

Iko hata na handbrake.

Hhahaahah fala hii

Nishai watch hio movie…

Yes my friend airplanes have horns… and they come in different varieties… kuna pararila kind of honk na Hii mostly huwa kwa ndege za kubeba wathii so ukizipata kwa stage ni paraririraaa poooo and etc… zingine sijui