wadau ..

naeza Fanya aje TV itumie DC direct current ya solar.

Piga magoti uiombee…


ghasia , leta tips.

Itoe hapo nje Uianike kwa mattress

kunanyesha Chihuahua…

Nunua inverter, there are many different makes and sizes ( in terms of power) in the market.

dont, get a dc to ac converter


Leo sigusi bets…labda kesho…

Jisort hapo ya mapema [ATTACH=full]167438[/ATTACH]

so some LCD TVs worth their salt have an external adaptor and have a 12/ 19.5 or 20 volt input. first make the solar charge an appropriate battery then buy (import) a dc to dc adaptor with a ranging voltage output including those ones. Your TV will probably use solar power all day and night. if you use inverter you might only get 1 hour of viewing. inverters use 10 times more power than the TV. Do not use even a fraction higher voltage than expected. Semiconductor electronics have very small tolerances for DC voltage error.

Ongeza alternator ya bosch alternator in the mix