wadau wanachezea 3rd floor + , advice kidogo..

looking back in your mid and late twenties , and early 30’s what do you think you would have done differently so that you dont end up having a rough time or regrets in your early / mid 30’s ama 40’s ? whether its having some sort of financial stability, family or just life itsself

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Ukimwi tamalisa wewe




Befriended Uhuru and Ruto before they rose to being number 1 and 2.

Save and avoid slay queens period. Invest most of your salo ikatwe kabla ikufikie. Buy land as early as you can. Kama ni biz weka pesa sacco poa ,try build a house as soon as possible ata kama ni ya bricks ata Kama ni ocha just do it.Apana oa kwanza. Marry 1st and you may never own one.

  1. Invest in yourself: Go to the gym, learn to cook, take online courses, figure out what makes you happy (it can turn into a side hustle/business), and learn how to manage your finances.

  2. Pay yourself first: when you get your check put a % in a savings account for future investing first.

  3. Have a minimal lifestyle: Don’t put too much value on material things: fancy apartment, shoes, clothing, cars, ect. It will be easier to move when an opportunity arises.

  4. Surround yourself with people who are successful and learn from each other. Friends, family, and girlfriends can negatively affect your growth so choose who you associate with carefully.

I’d have bought more strategic land. Mwiki, Utawala etc

Hakuna fomula ya life… just do you!.hii maneno ya sijui mid 30… early 40… na kampuni za Kenya zinalipa peanuts utalia ukianza kulinganisha.

Buda wacha kupoteza watu kama umepotea. Everyone needs a plan!! You just cant tell someone to live a reckless life.

Anasema ukweli tu… Hii maisha haina template. Kila mtu ako na different circumstances na abilities. Panga maisha but don’t forget to live.

Jipange but know that a bat eating chinese idiot could undo all your life’s plans

2020 will make people view life very different - including seeing planing as a scam. Just do life vyenye elder amesema hapo juu

yeah i doubt wasee watasave doh tena