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[SIZE=7]Etemesi’s Tales | The Kinyozi Massage Girl[/SIZE]
By Philip Etemesi

EXPLICIT CONTENT; Go read a storybook if you are holier than thou.

There is this cool kinyozi that I usually go to. It’s not in my hood but the hood next to mine – walking distance. I’ve been going there for close to a year now.
Normally, I used to only chat with the barber whenever I went to get a haircut. I had noticed how hot the Kinyozi massage girl was but I had never really bothered to talk to her because I had seen too many men vying for her attention. I didn’t want to be part of the crowd.
She was light, always wore mini-skirts (no wonder the place was always full) and she looked like she had Somali heritage.
Her name was Faiza.
About three months ago, she began chatting me up.
Mbona unakuanga umenyamaza ivyo?” she asked me, as she washed my head in the sink.
“Ni vile nikikuona mi hukua lost for words.” I joked.
She laughed so hard I almost thought I was Dave Chappelle.
“By the way mi hupenda machali wametulia kama wewe.Sipendi watu wa kubonga mob.” She confessed.
From there on, we struck an rapport and began chatting frequently. For the next four weeks, we would talk a lot whenever I went to the kinyozi.
One Saturday, after getting shaved, I sank my hand to my pocket to take out money. I realized I had nothing. I dropped my 500 bob note somewhere.
Luckily, Faiza was the one responsible for collecting the money from customers so I knew she would understand.
“Unaeza enda tu then utaniletea next time. Ama kama uko nayo kwa phone unitumie.” she said.
I opted for the MPESA option. She gave me her number and I sent it to her before leaving.
After two days had passed, I received a message:
“Sasa? Ni Faiza, ule dem wa kinyozi. Nilipata number yako venye ulinitumia pesa.”
That message came us a surprise but I proceeded to chat her up anyway. She said she loved my display pic and I told her I loved hers too. She asked what I love about it and I said just the posture. She didn’t buy it.
“Sema tu ukweli,” she insisted.
I said it’s the thighs that I loved. They were displayed so magnificently in the photo.
That’s how we began flirting. By the time a week had passed, she was already telling me how she would suck my dick and I was telling her how I will suck her toes (Even though I knew I wouldn’t). We were both naughty humans.
The next I went to the kinyozi, I was nervous.
Halfway through my hair cut, she was nowhere to be seen. I was even about to ask the barber if she was around, before I saw her appearing from the back door. Small, curvy and striking. Her body glowed in the soft lighting, her skin a light creamy brown, hinting at Somali heritage. Her hair slid like a waterfall over her shoulders, parted down her spine by the slither of a whip as it met her flesh again
Her rounded buttocks shook slightly as her body swayed. She greeted me like she didn’t know me and proceeded to sit down to read a newspaper.
Beautiful. She was fucking beautiful. Desire whispered through my veins, gathering momentum, moving faster, surging through my groin. My dick tightened painfully, and I shifted to alleviate the uncomfortable tension.
My gaze traveled over her luscious, plump lips that were perfectly bowed and untarnished by lipstick. They parted again as another sensuous gasp escaped from her throat.
Her breasts were high and firm, smaller than I usually liked but appealing anyway. The nipples seemed erect and puckered through her light clothing. What would they taste like? How would they feel in my mouth? Between my fingers?
My fingers curled. I imagined the weight of the globes in my palms as surely as if I were standing in front of her, measuring their size with my hands. My fingers had brushed through them a few times before, whenever she swung my arms backward during ordinary massages. You know how Kinyozi massage girls swing your arms backwards?
After I was done getting my haircut, she washed my head and massaged me. I struggled really hard to hide my boner. She even brushed a hand through it when no one else was looking.
This naughty girl.
When I got back home, I texted her.
“You know you were killing me today.”
“You were looking really nice and fresh too.”
she responded.
|”It’s about time inafaa tufanye something about this sexual tension between us.”
“I agree. Kam kwa kinyozi around 10 pm leo usiku if you can. I am usually the last to leave na by hiyo time ntakua pekee yangu.”

What ideas did she have? Did she want us to fuck in her place of work? Or did she just want me to pick her up so we could go back to my place? The best way to find out was to go.
I was there at exactly 9:59. She opened the main door for me then locked it with a padlock.
“Nataka kukumassage…sswa?” she surprised me.
“Sawa” I agreed.
“Acha nikupee the full VIP treatment.” Faiza added.
Wow,this was going to be interesting.
She asked me to sit on the shaving chair and take off my shirt. I did so and remained only with my jeans and shoes.
I then saw her preparing some massage oils.
With everything ready, she went out of the back door and into another room. When she came back, she was naked.
Holy shit! My dick sprang up like never before. I was turned on like a mother fucker.
Faiza was a perfect hourglass, her hips slightly wider than her waist, her belly flat and drawing attention to the soft curls between her thighs. They were dark like the fall of hair spilling over her shoulders, and they shielded her femininity, revealing nothing of what lay beneath
What was it about her that did it for me? It wasn’t as if I hadn’t seen women like her before. Was it the mystery? Was it her arresting beauty? Or maybe it was the way she arched and bowed her body, or the way those sumptuous lips puckered and parted, opened and closed, every time she talked to me. She made the most delicious, arousing noises while talking, and I wasn’t the only one affected. I had previously heard other customers saying it too.
Her small, pink tongue flicked out, licking over her lips in a sudden, almost nervous motion, and then she nodded, need firing in her eyes.
Faiza proceeded to give me the most erotic massage ever. She took her hands everywhere, from my temples to my dick through my jeans and boxers. At times, she would pause to kiss me. This was paradise.
The massage got more and more intense until it reached that moment where I couldn’t handle it anymore. I was too horny.
I reached out to touch her shoulder. She responded by coming in front of me
Those lips. God, those lips. I was dying to taste them, and suddenly I knew I had to. I cupped her jaw in one hand, made her bend slightly, slid my fingers over the softness of her cheek, then slanted my lips over hers and took them hungrily.
I swallowed her gasp. Our tongues met in a heated rush. Like chocolate melting in the sunshine. Sweet. Strong. A little wild. Her taste exploded onto my tongue as I swept it over her mouth, inward, stroking deep. Sweet. Warm. Soft like a woman should taste. Her tongue met mine, boldly tasting me in return. Hot and wet, we dueled, neither backing down. An electric current raced up my spine, ricocheted off the base of my skull and sizzled over my nerve endings like a bolt of lightning.
Starved for air, I yanked myself away, my breaths coming in quick, jerky pants. She stared at me in wonder and swayed.
I was painfully erect, my Luhya manhood bulging against the zipper of my jeans. I wanted nothing more than to shove my pants down and bury my cock between her ass cheeks. I wanted her ass, her pussy, her mouth. I wanted this woman and all the holes she had.
No longer able to keep from touching her, I ran my fingers over the thin welts crisscrossing her back. She moaned softly, leaning into my caress. I smoothed my palms up her back and then under her arms and down her sides.
“Look at me,” I said huskily. I lifted my hand to her chin, tilted it up so her gaze met mine.
“You’re so beautiful.”
Her lips curved upward in a tremulous smile, and I traced the fullness of her bottom lip with my thumb.
I craned my head to hers, our mouths touching. I paused, taking it slower this time, wanting to savor her sweetness.
“I want you. I want you so much.”
My voice was hoarse and needy, but I didn’t care. I only knew if I didn’t have this woman, I’d go crazy.
I brought her even closer to me, her body melting into mine. I felt so damn horny, and my zipper was trying to brand a permanent tattoo on my cock.
Wanting to feel the silk of her hair, I dragged my hand through it, enjoying the sensation of it sliding through my fingers.
Suddenly, I stood up and quickly grabbed a pack of CDs form my pocket. I tore the foil of one, pushed down my trousers to knees and wore it.
“Turn around,” I ordered Faiza.
Her nipples hardened. Her clit pulsed and swelled, and her breath caught painfully in her throat. She forced herself to breathe out as she slowly turned, presenting her back to me.
My hands closed over her shoulders.
Warm breath blew sensuously over her bare skin and then my teeth nipped and grazed at the slim column.
Her knees threatened to buckle when I laved my tongue up the side to her earlobe and over the frantic pulse point, but I caught her firmly and pushed her forward toward the tiny cupboard that had lotions and jellies on top.
Urgency invaded my movements. I bumped her into the cupboard, bending her over when her stomach met the edge.
Cool air blew over her ass, raising chill bumps. One hand still held her down, but the other left her, and she heard the rustle of my own pants.
My legs bumped into the backs of hers, and my body pressed into hers, hard and fast. The back of my hand brushed urgently against her buttocks as I positioned my cock.
I was on her in an instant, mounting her from behind like a rutting animal. I spread her, positioned myself and thrust savagely into her.
Pleasure exploded through me, the relief so intense I was dizzy. She unhinged me. I was mindless, stroking, thrusting, seeking to punish her with strokes only because it pleased me to do so.
I strained forward, determined she would take all of me. Her slender fingers were balled as she held on to the tiny cupboard.
I leaned in, my body covering hers, my waist slamming against her ass, the resounding smack echoing sharply through the kinyozi. After the initial frenzy, I slowed, withdrawing then pumping forward with methodical, forceful thrusts.
“Uuhh….aki si you know how to fuck,” she let me know how I was doing a great job on her
Each time I withdrew, I paused until she let out a small whimper and then I powered forward, driving deep.
Faiza’s entire body shook with the force of my next thrust. All the lotions,oils and spirits that were on top of the cupboard fell on the floor. None of us cared.
She relaxed, giving herself over to me. Surrender. Acceptance. No way would I find any resistance. Pleasure washed over her in waves. I reached deep, my cock stretching her, filling her.
My body pressed dominantly over hers, my hips arching into her ass. My hand tangled in her smooth Somali hair, pulling as I dug even deeper.
Her head came up as I pulled relentlessly at her hair. The pressure was achingly fierce.
The cupboard shook violently. Her body shook too with the force of my thrusts, and I grasped her hips, pulling her back to meet each one. Too soon, under ten minutes, my release raced with the fury of a firestorm, through my balls, up my cock.
I hadn’t cum that fast in a long time. She was too sweet, too tight and I had been too horny.
I guess this was the SHORT AND SWEET that Sauti Sol sing about.
I closed my eyes and bit back the cry of triumph as I spurted deep into the CD. Never had anything felt so primitive, so right, so absolutely satisfying. My legs trembled and threatened to buckle. I leaned into her body, gasping for breath. Slowly I regained awareness. Her warm, sweet body quivered in front of mine, her pussy softly contracting around my still-hard cock.
After I took off the CD and threw it to a nearby bin, I hastily arranged my pants and then pulled her into my arms. Her heart beat against my body like a little baby bird trying to fly for the first time. Erratic. A little frantic. I smoothed a hand over her hair and pressed a kiss to the top of her head
My entire gut clenched as I remembered the way her pussy had gripped me. So tight.
Little did I know that Faiza wasn’t going to let me rest. She made me sit before warming some water and washing my dick. She then grabbed massage oil and applied it on her hands once again. Appreciating the stature of my Luhya manhood, she went on her knees and began stroking. The most intense handjob came through. She stroked me vigorously as she kept applying more oil.
It was too sweet and vigorous. I couldn’t hold back for long. Cum shot from my dick straight to her forehead like a Cristiano strike into the net. I loved how it rolled down her pretty face after hitting the target.
But she wasn’t done yet. She only allowed me to rest for a short while as she washed her face. She then stood up again and began rubbing her chest on my face. I was hard again in seconds. She wasn’t the type to sit around doing nothing. She grabbed another CD, rolled it on my cock then came on top of me.
She proceeded to ride me until I thought my dick was going to fall off. On the Kinyozi seat, she rode me hard. I thought the seat was going to break. Whenever I looked through her arms, I saw our reflection on the mirror – her back, her ass and my happy face. It was extramundane.
She rode me until she came. I didn’t cum that time but I was okay with seeing her orgasm so heavily.
Once again, she got some warm water, removed my condom and cleaned me up. Then, she slid down my body, her muscles weak from her orgasm. She caught herself by grasping my knees. Even as she settled herself, I strengthened my grip at the back of her neck and tilted her head up.
She stroked me slowly, until I was hard once again.
I grasped my turgid erection with my free hand and forced my way past her lips. She barely had time to gasp a breath before I filled her. Her cheeks puffed outward, and she forced herself to relax so she could accommodate me fully.
I tilted her back so that she was at an angle. I went with her so my angle of entry was cleaner. The position enabled me to have complete control. I withdrew, paused, then sank deep again.
As I held myself there, I stared down, my jaw twitching.
I eased back, my cock sliding over her tongue. A small surge of fluid spilled into her mouth.
Again my hand tightened in the tangle of her hair, and I gave one sharp yank to position her the way I wanted her.
“Open,” I ordered. She let her lips fall open and I was already there, pushing insistently. I pulled her forward to meet my thrust, until the coarse hair at my groin tickled her nose.
Her eyes flew open to stare up at me. I threw back my head, closing my eyes. Her suckings became aggressive, almost brutal. My groin slapped against her mouth as she swallowed me whole.
The hand holding the back of her neck became gentle, almost coaxing. Her cheeks bulged with exertion as I tunneled deeper into her throat. Then I gripped her neck harder, forcing her onto my cock.
Finally, fluid filled her mouth, warm and sticky. She swallowed around my cock, and I moaned and jerked erratically. More came and she swallowed reflexively, her throat working around the head.
I retreated momentarily, grasped the base of my cock and tilted her open mouth higher. I worked my hand back and forth over the thick shaft as more semen dripped from the tip and into her mouth.
I continued to stroke.
“Don’t close your mouth please,” I requested her.
Two, three more gentle splatters fell onto her tongue and then my grasp loosened. Slowly I eased away from her, and I stood up. I pulled at my jeans, working them back over my waist.
She knelt there, heaving for breath as she swallowed the last of my release. She glanced back up at me, seeking permission to rise, to reclothe herself.
After I’d straightened myself, I reached down, holding my hands out to her. She slid her fingers into my grasp and allowed me to pull her to her feet.
She rushed to the other room and came back holding her clothes. Gently, I helped her wear her panties and jeans.
I refastened the fly, my gaze wandering lazily over her face. When I was done, I raised my thumb to her mouth and rubbed the pad over her bottom lip, capturing a drop of my cum.
“Lick it,” I said huskily. She sucked slowly at the tip, running her tongue over the slip of moisture.
“Acha sasa nirush. Chali yangu najua anashangaa niko wapi. Did I tell you I live with my man?”
“You have a boyfriend?”
I was shocked. I didn’t expect she had a boyfriend, the way she had fucked me madly and swallowed my seed with vigor.
Acha I’ll tell you more of that story baadae. For now let me rush. I see he has been texting me.”
” I said as she rearranged everything in the kinyozi quickly.
We then got out and she locked the door. I hugged her goodbye, still processing the boyfriend part.
“See you later Mr. Good Fucker. Nitakutext.”
” I smiled as I began the trek back to my hood.


Etemesi posts looooooooong stories (of giants) that can easily be summarized in one sentence. Like this one, even though I haven’t read it, can be summarized as “I went to one of those kinyozis with hot massage girls and ended up balls deep inside one”.

Kwani ni script ya bang bros.

This story seems awfully familiar. I think kuna mwanakijiji ashawai post a similar story some time back

Was c-pasted here sometime back and we yawned at the looooong length ya hekaya

nimefika hapa nikachoka

Too Long; Didn’t

tumeosha macho bila kusoma hiyo story. Asanda sana

are you familiar with wanjohi wa kigogoine?

Summary prissssssssss!!!

Of course yes.

i saw you use story of giants ikanikumbusha how that blog was funny

@pseudonym pitia. Someone writes like you

Hehehe…Etemesi is a darn good writer.its been awhile since I read him. Thanks dear.

It takes you that long to bang a kunguru!
Kunguru hatongozwi…

I just died of old age before reaching the climax


@Theuri wa kigogoine Wanjohi alienda wapi?

Before reaching the climax == penye huyo kijana ananukisha tyre