Wadau since Monday

Nimekuwa machinani pale central tugeza with my siblings. Siasa Kali na pombe hapa na pale kuna kitu nime deduce:
Wazee over 40 hawataki kuskia ati watachagua Ruto. Actually wanasema @Agwambo tosha.
Vijana under 30 ndio wanasema hustler damu…
Honestly central is divided down in the Middle…

Fighting over two sides of the same coin a retarded nation through and through.

I agree
Its like transferring shit from one Lorry to anaza

Why did you load up the first lorry with shit to begin with?

@Electronics4u waturetio hapo hakuna hata kauwongo katogo. All wazee are not voting for the hustler. Hao wanasema the reason hawampatii kiti ni juu hawama nguvu ya kuskuma wilbaro.
But in 2022 kutakuwa na voter apathy. Thats how hii jambazi will lose it.

There you have it,Central vote is now split…so Mt Kenya muscle toppled down just like that.
Umoja ni nguvu,utengano ni udhaifu

@Electronics4u asande , hio split in votes will favor Jakom who has the countries interests at heart amalize 10 years awachie mudavadi au Kalonzo

Ruto thugs @mlipuayote @Berlin Oxford @Kalenjin101 @ranny @spear mutalamba choo for 20 years

Dude you have been campaigning for Jakuon for a long time. Which is fine by the way. This however does not mean the Kyuk vote is split. Tembea Kiambu ukasukume Jakuon and Uhuru uone.

Premium tears loading,self denial is false hope,we won’t board the train to the lake the leaders might be divided but the voters know of two devil’s ,better the Highlander.

Kiambu ni ya Ruto…hata muranga ni ya Ruto but kule nyandarua na nakuru things are still not very clear.

It’s still very early… wacha kwanza outcomes za bbi zitoke

I knew you would not miss the party.

Hizo ni hekaya za abunwasi. I come from Nakuru, my rural area and also have siblings in Nakuru town, na huko ni hustler damu.

Yea and I come from? I traverse nakuru and nyahururu every week in the course of my work…vijana wako na ruto but mature voters are very undecided…and don’t get me wrong, Raila still has no following in those areas kabisa.

Hii ni class war,watu wako na pesa fear baba Abby but young guys want baba Abby…Rao is in a very precarious position for associating with dynasties and the two terms governor’s are a thorn in the flesh for his partners kalooser and mdvd

Give your self hope. Yes, there is a split in support and non support for Ruto though it is more of 80 for 20 against not the 50-50 being hawked. But there is no split in non support for jowie. That remains the uniting factor.

Though you say it’s the over 40 wazees, its actually those that feel contented with Mali yao. There are many others who feel let down by Jowie’s young friend. I don’t see Jowie making any meaningful inroad in the so called ‘meno brown’ region.

I’ve managed to convince my folks and relatives that jambazi sugu kutoka Sugoi lenye miraba minne na misuli tinginya cannot be trusted with the presidency.

Hapa kwetu nyumbani Gikuni in deep kiambu ni baba tosha.

Si kwa ubaya … lakini mtu anadai Arror ni meffi kwa macho yangu. Hao watu hawajui Ruto vizuri. Very vengeful and highly tribalistic nigger. Heri Rao mara kumi … hio nugu haina chuki. Man Giddy naye hata hajui kabila gani ni gani … n doesn’t give a shit either.