Wadau saidieni tafadhali, kuna shida kazini

There is this guy that works with me na nimeshindwa kuelewa tabia yake.

Every time he walks past me he smiles and often times he winks.The other day I was wearing some shorts and he came up behind me, putting his hand on shoulder while I was helping a customer and said that he liked my shorts and that he wanted to steal them off me. He will often talk about my masculine body and at times i have catch him glancing on my crotch areas

What is he trying to do? Is he just being a tease or is he trying to tell me something? Please help am confused?

Mpe akusifu.

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Reciprocate with the same energy.

hehe …

He will invite you to a party and the following day utamsifu

First are you female ama masculine body inaingilia wapi?

hekaya za abunuwasi

Wewe msenge bomolewa kabati bila kusumbua kijiji

Take the direct but firm approach.

Have a side chat with him and plainly state your sexual preference…thereafter reinforce your words with action.

Good question.

ukipendwa pendeka, ngitey ìno

Useless question, by the way why didn’t you kill yourself?


Admin ameona ni friday na hakuna traffic.

Thanks i suppose you have to be direct sometimes

true… one of the most stupid threads here ever

Pumuliwa kisogo bila kusumbua …

Life is great nowadays, no need. Chorea matusi