how reliable are treasury bills as a way of investing?! What is the down side of using that way,you are my best shot at getting a clear responce google was nat detailed it was more of marketing themselves.

They are absolutely risk free, but then there’s the interest rates; and duration of course…

Interest rates hawajataja, ni constant if it is, ni what % ama inachange wakitaka based on profit zao?!

Inachange monthly, based on demand…

Treasury bills are the governments way to borrow from the public. So they issue notes worth a certain amount, and the public bids on what interest rate they’ll lend the money to them at.


  1. Reliable? Yes. One of the few modes available today.
  2. Downside? Fighting inflation to keep afloat. If you are being paid at 12.5% but inflation is at 10% are you really making any money?

If you are looking for a risk free avenue, then go ahead.

Mdau hizo formula ziko hapo chini zatumika kutafuta nini?Sioni kitu ya kunisaidia kuzielewa

You’re lending the government. The government will always generate revenue so it can always pay you back, unless ni treasury bills za government ya Mugabe.