Wadau, saidia

Nina some cash idling around roughly 0.1M. Am not sure where i can use it properly to realize a long time effect on its use. Is it wise to buy an existing business or just start a new one from scratch? I am more interested in either a cyber cafe or a fast food restaurant. Any more ideas will be welcomed. Sandeni sana.

Uko serious?

Sorry I can’t help you but I like your optimism. When you say 0.1M instead of 100000 you are thinking positively.

Hehee 0.1M.

how now? is’nt it a venture?

Go for a night out. It will save you the agony of budgeting for 0.1M.

0.1m wewe ni millionaires ma fren …

nishamrudishia mwili shukrani ya kutosha. Hiyo imebaki sasa itakaa hapo till i find its use

0.0001 of a billion. :smiley:

Not for long term…ama hauoni vile kuna compe to provide cheap internet directly to the consumer …we unatry kuwa middle man …unless uko ocha na hakuna comps maybe …but a town centre still won’t work that well cuz almost every one has access to a smart phone

Do you know the phones are smarter than the people? Services of a cyber cafe are still in demand from a first hand experience. Not only for internet alone.

Wait till feb, then you go to mogotio and buy 30 goats… feed them well and by next Dec after costs you will get atleast 150,000 K thats 50% p.a.

My help:

Invest kwa kununua kashamba, however small it is, in rural areas, or where its affordable. Itakufaidi baadaye.

Long term…key words…if you can’t see what’s gonna happen by end of next year sawa

Nunua government bonds na uendelee kusave. Thank me later.

0.1M…Nenda pale Kahawa Qendani, tafuta ka slay queen kamoja kazuri, tikiza wavu and you’ll have your long term results. Kama si hifyo! Ita wadau wakuonyeshe uleffy! Saitaan

that has been done. the actual amount was a good one. hiyo imebaki sasa afadhali ikae hapo.

Nduthi mwisho baas

Wachana na hawa wa kuona 100k is nothing , they lack the creativity cojones . Don’t try cyber cafe lakini , it’s the worst time to get into one .

sande sana. so the restaurant might do? ama shares? ama any other suggestion you have?