Wadau nisaidieni please

I woke up today feeling tired and exhausted. My shoulders and neck feel extremely tired and painful. I can’t even lift my head. What could it be?

Kunyua KC!

Jana nimekunywa Hunters 1/4 na Guinness smooth

You are fat,hit the road Johnny

I am within the healthy BMI index

Ulilala vibaya.

But you lifted your phone to text this? Vaa mother’s union uingie kazi fathela

Maybe but I feel painful

How many wimins did you fuck yesterday? What about men? Did you take our chang’aa whisky or busaa beer?

Wachana na muguka

Mimba msee.


Chifu nunua pads you are almost menstruating

Sasa kila mtu mwenye anaamuka on the wrong side of the bed … lazima tujue.

Talk to Jesus Christ whom you refused to deny in another thread herein… wacha kutusumbua sisi mortals…


Pima b.p yako, hiyo shingo kuwa na uzito ni dalili yake kuwa chini na kizunguzungu.

Thanks bro

Your prayers were answered…
You woke up as a woman.