Wadau leteni maoni

She finally reached out.Through fb.

Sweetest P av ever tasted, wueh! Hii hata kulamba nililamba, back then when I had juz switched from being an employee to establish a biz.I was struggling, literally.

We were in a ‘relationship’ which didn’t last.I hadn’t read the signs then, but she hid them well.That she was as matterialistic AF nikikuja kujua way later when I was told that she had been spotted in a club, was bought a pair of shoes (at the club kwa hawa hawker was kuzungusha) and they drove off at midnight (labda kulikuwa na EPL slated for late kickoff ndio walikuwa wanaenda kuwatch! NKT!).

Back to the story, she is a sinhomatha, kid stays with the shush.Pretty with an a$$ to die for, thighland iko juuest.P iko tight, tamu Sana.

Out of nowhere, hatukuwa tumekosana or anything, she made it known to me that she can’t be with someone who doesn’t ‘support’ her.I was like WTF CZ she already has a job, lived alone.Nilikuea namrushia za lunch na supper, kidogo kidogo. Hell, I was struggling in my first business too! What’s wrong with women.

Shait, I thought that we had it all wrapped up.hata kipii was already calling me Daddy (kikikiii) I evream na yoghurt nilikuwa nazinunua kuzinunua.
She was funny, sexy n stylish.

One day after closing my biz I went to her house unannounced.Met her all dressed up.Akienda out.It was 8:30pm
Was like, ‘where to?’.She knew she was nyukwad.Ca she went into alkoho or partying.so def she was going to meet someone, maybe for a ferk! Dayum!

When I asked her that, akageuza sura.Was now hostile, n cold. Ati I don’t have the right to question her (true). Then she started playing the guilt card on me, ati how I don’t pay rent for her, how she has always told me that Junior is joining school next year but sijabuy hata school bag, sijui she can’t live in a single room anymore and I think she is comfortable, wueh! Sikuamini.
Her mission was, to go and meet whomever she was to, feign an argument ndio aende.

So,I walked out,told her to do as she pleased.And go out she did, na akatombwer!.

Fast forward two years later.I opened a new FB account, guess that’s where she saw what I do now (same business but av agressively marketed it, and to be honest,it’s wayyy better). My pics pia nimeweka and I guess aliziona (but sio kwa maringo, av generally put on weight and it’s an ‘upgrade’ from what I was roling with two years earlier).

Now she starts a citchat on FB na amenipa namba eti ‘She hopes she is welcome, aniletee birthday present since she didn’t come for the bash’ (she saw the pics).

Wadau, REVENGE is what I need. Akikuja nimfanyeje??

Karura haitawezekana nikimfanyia majambos, CZ wer basically from the seller town n she knows where my biz is.

The dish needs to be served while COLD as ferk!

Leteni maoni

The best revenge you can give her is to tell her you are committed to someone else who wont be happy to hear that you are entertaining her.Tell her you are in a happy place with your new person.
Since she is a gold digger,she wont stop bothering you.Dont block her,just ignore her itamuuma sana.Wanawake huumwa sana when their advances are rejected wakikatia mwanaume.

Best revenge for a woman is another woman.

Akikuja mtombe na madharau, deki unaingiza ukichomoa alafu unajifanya umekosea unaingiza deki kwa mcoondoo na nguvu mpaka awike.

Ignore the biatch, not worth it

:D:D:D gaaaay

Too soft.
I need real revenge.

Naaa! Heri nimpeleke Rhino Ark nimuache huko na bill ya 6K

Hakuna ingine. Slices ulishachukua, huezi hepa karura juu anajua kwako. Invite her kwako. Also invite a girlfriend who you can fuack in front of her. Make sure there are no glasses forks or knives around.

All fun until ukuwe stabbed 44 times, sometimes ignoring the bitch is the upper road, these women are the devil, akiamua kukumalisa utamaliswa

Kula mcoondooo ya dame si gaay. Acha kuiogopea kama ni yako inaingizwa.